100 Words, 2011 poetry collection book  

    Enjoy the 2011 poetry collection book from Scars Publications (of select poetry from 2011 contributors of cc&d magazine and Down in the Dirt magazine), titled “100 Words”).

the 2011 poetry collection book
100 Words

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    Because of the camera lens motif on the front cover of “100 Words”, poetry chosen for this collection book was shorter (closer to the concept of “100 words”.

below is a listing of the accepted writers
and titles writing in this collection.

Jim Davis
Editor’s Choice
Contest Award Winner
Feel and Beat Again
Linda Webb Aceto Wipe the Snot off Your Face, Girl
Sara Basrai Cappuccino
Michael Battram Comparative Literature
Maxwell Baumbach turn your head
Mike Berger, Ph.D. Run Away
Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal At Twenty-Four
Charles Michael Craven A Bright Side
Carol Garth We’re Not Children
Fritz Hamilton Jesoo beats the cross until
Christy Hicks Orbiting Bodies
Marcin J. Kuhn Cubicle
Janet Kuypers On Ashes
Peter LaBerge The Ceiling Fan and the Fire
Robert Lawrence A Mother’s Take on Librarians, with Reply
Jenna Mary Under the Cherry Blossoms
Rebecca Shepard What I woke to write
Hank Sosnowski New Vada
Natascha Tallowin Dracula
Hank Threadgill My Grandfather
Lucy Winrow The Pigeon
Steve Baba Scenes From A Vivid Life
H.D. Brown live and learn
Brad Buchanan Cottage Country
Frank De Canio Strindberg in Paris
Luke Laubhan Shelter
Ben Macnair Out in the Rain
Sara Sather Pro-Choice
Richard Shelton In the Very Back
Micah Thorstenson Hurry Up and Wait
Julie Kovacs The Bishop Is In
Cherese Eudlyn Nelson Pretty Lady’s Daughter
Laura Whelton Sitting on a Broken bed
Holly Day So Everything Is Fine
Sid Yiddish 75,000 Miles
Karen Delasala cry at night
Christopher Hanson Tinker-Tinker-Me
Ally Malinenko Pillow Talk
Denny E. Marshall Book Of Sand
John Ragusa Chaos and Creation
Edward Rodosek There Is No Oblivion
Carl Scharwath The Invisible Self
Lucie M. Winborne The Juke Joint
Caleb Yarborough The River
Gale Acuff Still Life with Small Talk
Boghos L. Artinian MD Confirmation
Mark D. Cohen Mandy on the South Side
Lisa Cappiello So Long
William Doreski August Regatta Afternoon
Rochelle Holt the Color of Shy
Sarah Lucille Marchant Birds: The Blackbird
Jenene Ravesloot Spring And Not One Singing Bird Sestina Variation
Nathan Riggs Osama Bin Laden Wants to Friend Me on Facebook
Matthew Rodgers The Nameless
Anne Scheerer Country Living
Jim Carson Only Songs Remain (A Facebook Tragedy)
Matt Cunha Ms. Washington’s Babies
Katrina K Guarascio Beating Heart Cadaver
Ashley Fisher Body in the Bedsit
Kirby Light A little bit of hope
E. J. Loera Beethoven
Sandy Longley Metamorphosis
Robert D. Lyons 11:11
Marcin Majkowski Don’t Colorize
Daniel J O’Brien The Beatnick and The Monk
Andrew H. Oerke Sticks
Corry O’Neill The Necromancer
Ron Richmond The Angry Artist
Mary Stone After Solitary Confinement
Kelsey Threatte Symbols Manifest
Jem Henderson Extraordinary Rendition
AE Baer Things, We Carry
CEE Fine Ground Journey
Michael Ceraolo On a Bicentennial Remembrance: February 12, 2009
Joy Davis The Big Bang
Kenneth DiMaggio Poem from The Hartford Epic (#1)
Dan Fitzgerald Santa Missed Our Chimney
Kevin Heaton Cycles of The Sun
Michael Hoag Never cry in the shower
Bela Feketekuty Down the Road
Heather Burke Family Dinner

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100 Words, poetry collection book