Writings To Honour & Cherish will contain materials from both cc&d magazine and Down in the Dirt magazine, plus the Editor’s Choice contest award winner, as well as past editorials and a supplement issue to cc&d magazine.

back cover, Writings To Honour & Cherish

Writings To Honour & Cherish

    The book is 6"x 9" in page size, and it’s 258 pages long. both paperback and hard cover books will have 60# cream interior paper, black and white interior ink, and a full-color cover.

paperback book for sale: $15.95

hardcover book for sale: $29.95

    Below is a listing of all of the contributors who are scheduled to appear in this book. Feel free to search through the name listing for author names. If you are in this volume and want to know what pieces are in the book by you (without paying for it, but to know for your reccords), email us, and we can let you know the titles of your work in the book.

cc&d magazine:

Eric Bonholtzer
Brenda Kay Ledford
Aaron Wilder
Bradford Allison
Arthur Gottlieb
Kenneth DiMaggio
Anne Marie Bonneau
Joshua Gray
Bobbi Dykema Katsanis
Stanley M Noah
Darcy Saffar
Lolita Stewart-White
Paul Telles
Mika V. Galiher
Emily Griskavich
Corey Cook
Molly Wendtland
Ronald M. Rowe
Calvin Becker
Lorraine Grund
Cheryl Lambrecht
Christopher Fog
Preston Williams, Jr.
Amber May
Thomas Rucker
Angela Little
Kenneth W. Anderson, Jr.
Eric Obame
Joshua Copeland
Kathryn Alison Graves
Benjamin Schealke
Eriol Fox
Mel Waldman
T. Allen Culpepper
Tom Feulner
Michael Ray Monson
James Gapinski
Janet Kuypers
A. McIntyre
Belle Mahoney
Pat Dixon
Mark Passero
Bill DeArmond

Down in the Dirt magazine

Mel Waldman
Eric Bonholtzer
PD Casteel
Jack Cooley
Anthony Liccione
Mark Scott
David McBride
Jon Kuntz
Tom Page
Stephanie Bernard
Brittany P. Dalton
Angela Lungu
Kelsi Oser
Andrei Postolache
Victor Phan
Colin Fleming
Linda Webb Aceto
Emily Griskavich
Tom Lane
Michael Bonanno
Angela Little
Ben Barton
Pat Dixon
Thomas Rucker
J. J. Brearton
Sam G. Martin
T.E. Kidwell
Michael Shannon
Judith F. Blee-Ramsey
Corey Cook
Sandra E. Waldron
Don Stockard
Allan Izen
Michael S. Morris
Benjamin Herson
Janet Kuypers

The Editor’s Choice Contest Winners

Leslie Sheppard

the Chosen Few

Bernadette Miller
Charlie Newman
J. Quinn Brisben

the boss lady’s editorials

    • Video Games, Violence, Porn & Death
    • The Columbine Connection & a Love Affair With Violence
    • Writing Doesn’t Halt Violence
    • The World Knows You (Well, At Least The can)
    • Understanding Global Warming

cc&d supplement issue

    • Singular Remembrances (v164.5)
    • Singular (v166.5, perfomance art show readings)