Literary Town Hall, dirt edition - book front cover  

    Enjoy the 2011 magazine collection book from Scars Publications and Down in the Dirt magazine, with the January-April 2011 magazine issues titled “Literary Town Hall, dirt edition”.

the 01-04 2011 dirt collection book
Literary Town Hall
dirt edition

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    The cover of this book is of the open pages of a large book, and superimposed on the cover pages are locations of contributors to Scars Publications releases — showing that the writings in volumes like this from Scars Publications come not only from around the United States, but also from around the world.

    To know exactly what is included in this collection book, view the listing below. All author entries are listed in this collection book in alphabetical order — unlike past issue collection books, writings are not separated by issue, but alphabetically by author name. This means that all of the writings appearing in multiple issues by one author appear together in this collection book — in the print book, book page headers indicate which month’s issue released the writing.


below is a listing of the accepted writers
and titles writing in this collection.

John Atkinson African Sun
Steve Baba Scenes From A Vivid Life
Dion Beary Daffodil’s
Ryan G. Beckman Sunrise
Mike Berger, Ph.D. A Second Marriage
Fool Hardy
Kaye Branch Effigy
Danielle Bredy Enveloped
H.D. Brown live and learn
iphone hu
Tony Brown A Once In A Lifetime Thing
Ronald Brunsky Dead Reckoning
Brad Buchanan Cottage Country
Heather Burke Family Dinner
Edward C. Burton Tommy Virga’s Love
Kofi Campbell Completion
Nick Checker Prize Head
Roger Cowin Bumps in the Night The Long Walk
Don Ray Crawford Brody’s Bad Day
Frank De Canio Television
Going Home
Strindberg in Paris
Michael de Mare Death of a Spy
Chris Dietzel Sparkles and Lace
Doug Downie Fork Lift
Bela Feketekuty Down the Road
My Luck Changed
Christopher Frost Surface
Paul Galarraga Judgement
Jennifer Geist Dual Disillusionment
Valerie Goodwine Loosing For Love
Fritz Hamilton Wearing the skin off my nose in
My brain has foetal alcoholism syndrome/ my
Obama, simpering, whimpering
Kelly’s Birthday Party
When they find caterpillars in my bottled water
Looking down at Jesoo crushed in the gutter
String about to snap, &
My schizo friend comes to me because
Christopher Hanson Lutz Park
Andy Heath In Prison
Kevin Heaton Atlanta Marathon
Why Gum
K.R. Helms Autumn Eve
Norm Hendricks Bluetooth
Christopher Klim Satellites, Cigarettes, and Whiskey
R. M. Kozan A Clean White Shirt
Janet Kuypers Hurry Up and Wait
Kelli Landon The Masked Man
The Assignment
Luke Laubhan Marketing, Middle-Management
Boyd Lemon A Dangerous Game
Robert Levin Spinning the Wheel
        of the Quivering Meat Conception
A.J. Longabaugh The Thrill of the Hunt
Kristi Loobeek Thim Walls
Ben Macnair Out in the Rain
Sarah Mallery Border Windfalls
Jon Mathewson Sunny Pastels
Warm Pools
Mark Murphy Apophis
Natalie Nigro New Town
Andrew Olson Razorburn
Tim Pompey Ashley’s View
Ryan Priest The Death of Rita
John Ragusa The Phonograph
The Curse on the Tomb
The Temptation of Clark Forrester
Space Fever
Emma Eden Ramos The Last Castle
Razsaveh Richardson Getting Over Someone is Hard to Do
Robert James Russell Pulp
Sara Sather Pro-Choice
Chris Schafer Early Morning Hunting
T.G. Schoenberg Spit
Broads and Bullets
John Sheirer Six Questions
Richard Shelton In the Very Back
Tanuj Solanki The Sounds of Sushant Lok
Micah Thorstenson Hurry Up and Wait
Bogdan Tiganov Excerpt from “The Wooden Tongue Speaks”
Mel Waldman Abused
The Old Monastery
Killer Inside
Edward Wells II [Untitled: nouns and unnouns]
Charlie Wirth Pranksters

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