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    Enjoy the 2011 magazine collection book from Scars Publications and cc&d magazine, with the May-August 2011 magazine issue writings and select artwork (and also selections from the cc&d poetry chapbook releases) titled “Prominent Pen, cc&d edition”.

the 05-08 2011 cc&d collection book
Prominent Pen
cc&d edition

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    Because of space constraints, only selections from the cc&d poetry chapbook releases are included in this collection book. (The only author names that may not be listed alphabetically are for pieces of artwork sprinkled selectively throughout the book, from different issues.) To know exactly what is included in this collection book, view the listing below. All author entries are listed in this collection book in alphabetical order — in all 2011 collection books, writings are not separated by issue, but alphabetically by author name. This means that all of the writings appearing in multiple issues by one author appear together in this collection book — in the print book, book page headers indicate which month’s issue released the writing.


below is a listing of the accepted writers and titles
(of writing or artwork) in this collection.

Melvin F. Ballew Tranced in the Existential Trenches
Christopher Barnes Mad, Genius, Sun-Ra
Maxwell Baumbach My Dad Could Beat Up Your Dad
The Miracle of St. Maxwell
S. Paul Bowen Why You Should Stop Going to Strip Clubs
    When You Reach a Certain Age
Michael H. Brownstein Dear Canadian Tourist Bureau:
    This is Why We Will Not Be Visiting
    Manitoba Anytme Too Soon
Poetry Workshop
Prime Times and Prime Questions
Ronald Brunsky Twinkling of an Eye
Chris Butler I’m Retarded
Nely Cab Eternal Dreams
Inner Beauty
Rochelle Cartier Approximation
CEE “Token Not Redeemable For Friendship”
Steam Tank (Killing da Vinci)
Michael Ceraolo On What Constitutes a Dangerous Belief System
On Several Adventures in Municipal Government IV
Adventures in Municipal Government VI
Shaun Corley The World
Roger Cowin Dead Beats
Garage Sale
Kenneth DiMaggio Requiem for a Velvet Gladiator
Poem from The Hartford Epic (#3)
After All the Rain, Still the Smell of Piss (#3)
The War
Stained Glass Window
John Duncklee The Harem
El Corrido de Antonio Beltran
The 2nd Battle Of Cibeque Creek Wannabe Cowboy
Irene Ferraro The Goose Master
Stephanie Fleming Fatal Secret
Humor for One
Meghan Frank Because Of You
Peter LaBerge Dark (art)
A. A. Garrison Roommates
Cheryl Townsend Her Toes (art)
Lawrence Gladeview As Disraeli Gears Plays
At The Gate
Fritz Hamilton As I remove the black beads from around my neck,
Now that the Housing Dept has decided not to
After the death of America
Going to the Mexican Museum of the Dead,
Medical progress? We live forever!
Seeing Golodbuggy’s machos on my shelf
Back to poor Jesoo!
My front tooth falls out of my nose
Jermaine Harmon bad habit I picked up at the bodega
Time space
Roy Haymond Backup Man (Pueblo)
Kevin Heaton Impasse
Tree Swing
Kyle Hemmings Star Mother
Kitty Galore
This Ain’t No Cathouse, Sugah
Dancin’ Across the U.S.A.
Blue Hearts
Unanswered E-Mail
Aaron Wilder Mockery of Justice (art)
Wes Heine Open Forum at the Bughouse Sq.
No Saints
Stuffed in the Future
John T. Hitchner Henziger’s Beast
How Many More
Stan Hollingworth Mirage
Je’free Arctic Solitude
As The Universe Paves Way For You Mistress
Crowd of Nothingness
Brian Forrest Audrey (art)
Bob Johnston My Last Love
Billie Louise Jones In Passing
A Reflection of Reality
Stephanie Kaylor on a spring day
December, 2010
Melissa Kosciuszko St. Augustine Library
Sonja Kosler Political Ballgame
Julie Kovacs Nullipara
The Bishop Is In
Seger Lansdale Rule of 3
Bing Liu The Neighborhood
I’m an Abyss in Motion
Kriste A. Matrisch Critical Condition
Magnetic Poetry II
Jim Meirose Stiffed
Toni Menden Father Knows Best
Kristine Ong Muslim Mr. Flip in his first grade art class
Tendai R. Mwanaka A Look in the Mirror
Edward Mycue His Policeman
Cherese Eudlyn Nelson Pretty Lady’s Daughter
Alicia Parks Shock and Awe
I.B. Rad Dinosaurs
Taxing Policy: The
    “Miracle of the five loaves and two fish”
There’s always something
Ted Rashkow Growing up in Chicago’s Alleys
Nathan Riggs Head-on Collision, early evening
Andy Roberts How I Loved Myself On Drugs
Neighbor Boys
Matthew Roberts The Sinking Ship Dilemma.
Jonathan Seipp Books and Bareback Love
Don Stockard Forest Light
Bob Strother Benny and the Badger
R. N. Taber Anger Management
Anne Turner Taub I’ve Got To Get Out of New York
the Exhibit
The Granny Square Afghan
The New York City Bus
Mel Waldman I Can’t Let Go
Manhattan Skyline
The Lady’s a Chameleon
Laura Whelton Sitting on a Broken bed
Kelley Jean White MD Waveform
Caleb Yarborough The Life Of The Living Dead
Sid Yiddish 75,000 Miles
Janet Kuypers Kurt Irons
the men at the construction site
a man calls a woman
a socially accepted target
in their homes or in the streets
the Burning
most accurate metaphors
the Measuring Scale
Scratch the Surface
Counting Bodies
Death is a Dog
And I’m Wondering
My Future Job Options
too far
i want love
content with inferior men
how to please a woman
i’m thinking about myself too much
Raped With Words
women’s very existence
white knuckled
the Fourteenth
Driving By His House
a woman talking about her rapist friend
the martyr and the saint
Right There, By Your Heart (portions)
in the air (portions)
Just Can’t Breathe
Who is on a Crusade here?
Aim Carefully
Frozen Together

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