After the Apocalypse: the 2012 prose edition collection book front cover

After the Apocalypse
(prose edition)

    Enjoy the 2012 prose collection book from Scars Publications (available as a perfect Valentine’s Day gift in 2013), with After the Apocalypse (the prose edition) of select prose in this prose collection book...

    This book contains select accepted short stories and pieces of prose from 2012 issues of both cc&d magazine and Down in the Dirt magazine... In this collectionb book series, thre is also an ISSN# 2013 “After the Apocalypse” weekly date book, but in this annual collection book series you can also get “the After the Apocalypse: the 2012 poetry edition collection book” (with all of the writings in the 2012 date book, as well as additional accepted poems from 2012 issues of both cc&d magazine and Down in the Dirt magazine.

    But if you’re interested in prose or short stories, you’ve most definitely come to the right place... So pick up a copy today of “the After the Apocalypse: the 2012 prose edition collection book” today!

enjoy select 2012 Scars Publications
short stories and prose in

    “After the Apocalypse    
(prose edition)
(in the Scars 2012 collection book series)

order the 298 page, 6" x 9"
paperback ISBN# book

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    See the listing below for exactly what is included in this collection book...

below is a listing of the accepted writers and titles
(of writing or artwork) in this collection.

David S. Atkinson Training
Eric Bonholtzer A Long Drop and a Short Stop
Aaron Wilder art Opaque
Kimberly Bingheim Positive
Tom Cantwell Birth Plan
Phillip Gardner g’ joob g’ goo—goo g’ joob
John Duncklee Obvious But Ignored
Roy Haymond All About Ronny(ie)
Üzeyir Lokman ÇAYCI art UZEYIR CAYCI 16.10.2010 GZGK
Billie Louise Jonesa Tracks in the Snow....
Arthur Levine Dad
Brandon A.M. My Aunt Yola
R. W. Lowrie Heaven, Dogs, Gorillas and Aliens
Edward Michael O’Durr Supranowicz art Tell Me The Truth
Erica McBeth Anger Moves
DM Morales Regarding Your Upcoming Suicide
Kenneth Rutherford Above the Forty-Seventh Floor
Derrick Sherwin An Englishman’s House
    is his Castle
Brian Forrest painting Dana
Richard E Marion Double
Anne Turner Taub The Deal
Rose E. Grier art Seems Like Fiction
Ronald Martin Wade A Visit to the Grotto
Dana Blake Fine
the HA!man of South Africa drawing Old Man Faltering
P. Keith Boran A Wasp’s Sting
W. Dontā Andrews The Interruption
Fritz Hanilton I wake up with my nose
    in Kafka’s dungbeetle
Eric W Jepson The Legend of Boitown
måx keanu Occupy Mind Street
Don Maurer The Heartbreak of Gelotophobia
Jim Meirose Church Money
Oz Hardwick art Turn On Tune In Count the Money
Alexander P.S. When Christ Reached Nirvana
Stephen V. Ramey Jehovah Joint
Carl Scharwath Unsocial Media
Rex Sexton Carnival
Yasmin Ramirez Drum Beats
Derrick Sherwin Like Souls
Ronald M. Wade Heavenly Rewards
Kelly Darrow The Lot
A. A. Garrison Clouds
Bob Johnston Happy Thoughts
John Ragusa The Ouija Board
Edward Turner III Thoughts of the Wood
Michael Trainor Invincible
Jon Wesick A Christmas Story
Matthew Bagdanovich East Anglia
Peter LaBerge art Crevice
Matt Barden The Postman, The Toys and The
    Streets of Meadowbank South
Nancy Lee Bethea Questions
Jack Bristow Third-Life Crisi
Jon Brunette I Don’t Want to Live Anymore
Eric Burbridge Good Writer
Justin Creed One Horse Is as Good as Another
Lisa Cappiello Fearless
Charley Daveler Punishment by Proxy
Eleanor Leonne Bennett art Alan in his garden
Beth Einspanier Beautiful Purgatory
Barton Hill You Are A Gadge
Brian Huba The Ford Granada
Alyssa Lawless Jaclyn-Kate
Patrick Trotti The Quarry
Jennifer E. Lee Dear Sarah
Bob Strother The Interview
D.A. Cairns In the Company of Fools
Kyle Scot Martinez Potatoes
M. E. Mitchell Airport Calls
Ryan Priest Over Sky
Curt Seubert More Noise, Please
Ellie Stewart By the pool
Jill Simons The Window
Dorothy H. Smith We Are the Future,
    and the Future Is Now
Liam Spencer Bulls in the Attic
Stanley B. Trice Briefing on Cue
Kenneth Weene A Joe
Duncan Whitmire Monks and Ants
Tom Ball Marooned
Wm. Samuel Bradford The Pomegranate Lesson
Rex Bromfield Hearing the Meat
Jon Brunette Will Work for Food
Derek A Davis Untitled
Gibson Culbreth The Dealer
Steve Dodd The Horoscope Readers
Eric Holden Lost and Found
James Kowalczyk Let’s All Relax Here
Kathryn Leetch Because We Could
Kristopher Miller Shrapnel
J. D. Riso Snapshots from a Clandestine Hell
Amanda E. Ronan For the Kids
Ian C Smith The Age of Yearning
Daniel J Roozen Family and Duty
Lori Ulrich You Lost Me When I was Six
Kerry Lown Whalen Mirage
Michael Cavazos Ricky’s Sickness
Benjamin Christensen Beautiful Thieves
Annabelle Dura Burning
Cassia Gaden Gilmartin Fireflies
Brittany Clark The Kind of Mother
    that Believed in Evolution
Michael Gruber Show Me Some Teeth
Jack Hill Clown Face
Kevin Moore A Las Escondidas
Zach Murphy 9//11 in Manhattan
Don Thompson Shadows
Frank Traverse A History of Violins
Megan Willoughby The Bridge Over Charles River
Janet Kuypers Fish

After the Apocalypse
(the prose edition)

6" x 9" paperback ISBN# book

After the Apocalypse: the 2012 prose edition collection book front cover