Cultural Touchstone, cc&d book front cover  

    Enjoy the 2012 magazine collection book from Scars Publications and cc&d magazine, with the January-April 2012 magazine issue writings and select artwork (and also selections from the cc&d poetry chapbook releases) titled “Cultural Touchstone”.

the 01-04 2012 cc&d collection book
Cultural Touchstone
a cc&d issue collection book

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    Because of space constraints, only selections from the cc&d poetry chapbook releases are included in this collection book. (The only author names that may not be listed alphabetically are for pieces of artwork sprinkled selectively throughout the book, from different issues.) To know exactly what is included in this collection book, view the listing below. All author entries are listed in this collection book in alphabetical order.


below is a listing of the accepted writers and titles
(of writing or artwork) in this collection.

Linda Webb Aceto Too Freakin’ Real
the HA!man of South Africa art Sommer NR 1
Michael Apros Oaks in a wheat field
David S. Atkinson Training
Peter LaBerge art I Told You Ten Times
Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal Less of Who I Am
Üzeyir Lokman ÇAYCI art DESEN299 KUCUK
Betti Bernardi Holy Bullshit!
Kimberly Bingheim Positive
Amanda Blair Eden’s Myth
Oz Hardwick art Carnival
Eric Bonholtzer A Long Drop and a Short Stop
Aaron Wilder art Opaque
Jackson Burgess No Home
Audrey Burns Start the Revolution
Tom Cantwell Birth Plan
Michael Ceraolo Genesis 27: Twenty-First Century Edition
Henry Walter Matthews art Ultrabright
Aria Clark Angel
Kelly K. Darrow World
Peter LaBerge art Crevice
Emil DeAndreis Bay to Breakers
Cheryl Townsend art Vomit
Kenneth DiMaggio Poem from The Hartford Epic (Bunker)
Poem from The Hartford Epic (Landscape)

Poem from The Hartford Epic (Landscape)
William Doreski One Last Mexican Moment
John Duncklee The Old House
Obvious But Ignored
Nick Brazinsky art 31st Street View
Lulu and Xanadu art Loving Papers
Dan Fitzgerald A Small Waterfall
Virginia Fultz An Argument against an Afterlife
Red Slice of Moon
The Last Stetson
Robert W. Gallant The Pane Glass War Our Government at Work
Phillip Gardner g’ joob g’ goo”goo g’ joob
Deni Ann Gereighty Change of Life
Fritz Hamilton Hellen still rides the horse
Walking the city street% the
Kill a man in Afghanistan, he stays with you
Let’s bomb the Greenpeace yacht
I look into the pool & see the killer carp
Stricken with sorrow over the murder of her son
Don Hargraves Atlas Shrugged in 6 Haiku
Jill E. Harris Luck
Cheryl Townsend art sm Green Shoulder
Joseph Hart What Jordan Said
After Watching The Last Act Of “Don Carlos”
The Oak
On Not Being Crazy
Burns & Russell
When A Republican Speaks
“The Fountainhead” Remembered
Roy Haymond All About Ronny(ie)
Üzeyir Lokman ÇAYCI art UZEYIR CAYCI 16.10.2010 GZGK
Michael Hoag (poem and drawing) When things happen twice
Rochelle Lynn Holt Houdini Suspended
Ice Gayle Johnson In Witness
Michael Lee Johnson Moon Sleep
Brian Hosey art Lava flow
Bob Johnston The Seven Deadly Colors: Black
The Seven Deadly Colors: Gold
The Seven Deadly Colors: Gray
The Seven Deadly Colors: Green
The Seven Deadly Colors: Puce
the HA!man of South Africa art City Witch
Billie Louise Jones Tracks in the Snow....
O is for Oddball
Wayne Allen Jones Burqa
Judith Kaufman Hometown
Riley Kean Untitled
Jacob Kreutzer The State of Humanity
The Wisest Man in Oak Park
Üzeyir Lokman ÇAYCI art ART610KUC
Ben Leib Be a Good Friend
Brian Forrest art Bellevue SE 6th Street
Arthur Levine Dad
James Livingston All in the Family
Brian Looney I Am the Homeless Piece
The Hoping, Killing Coal
R. W. Lowrie Heaven, Dogs, Gorillas and Aliens
Edward Michael O’Durr Supranowicz art Tell Me The Truth
Robert D. Lyons Hemingway Had It Right
Brandon A.M. My Aunt Yola
Marcin Majkowski Purification
the Gardener
Sarah Lucille Marchant quality time
Aaron Wilder art Portrait of the Artist’s Spirituality
Richard E Marion Double
Summer Variety
Bruce Matteson Further Adventures of Rocketman
        the Nash Rambler of Love
This Stuff Breaks Out on My Mind
        Like Pimples on a Teen-age Chin
Erica McBeth Anger Moves
Peter LaBerge art Sail
Jim Meirose Lost at Sea
DM Morales Regarding Your Upcoming Suicide
Cheryl Townsend art untitled
Sheryl L. Nelms A West Texas Thunderstorm
Aero Motor Windmill
Oz Hardwick art Lakes
Charlie Newman untitled
Jeffrey Park He Lies in the Tub
I.B. Rad (IB Rad) When Christ Became our God of War
the HA!man of South Africa art farmhead
Jenene Ravesloot Something Slides over the Water Sestina Variation
Rose E. Grier art Supernatural
Bob Rashkow Twin Peaks
T.W. Rock The Fantastic Story of the Mushroom Demons
Brian Forrest art Green Timbers Urban Forest
Kenneth Rutherford Above the Forty-Seventh Floor
G. A. Saindon The Last Moon of Winter
Eric Shelman Religion and Government
Aaron Wilder art Primitive Waters
Derrick Sherwin Henry
Rose E. Grier art Cushy Shadows
Derrick Sherwin Money
An Englishman’s House is his Castle
Edward Michael O’Durr Supranowicz art Sun in High Heels
Brian Forrest art Dana
Bob Strother The Interview
Jane Stuart An Artist’s Sketchbook (verse 1)
Cheryl Townsend art Watching The Fire
R. N. Taber The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party
the Name of the Game
David Thompson So The Water
Eileen Troemel Wild Places
Anne Turner Taub The Deal
The Thirf
A Moral Dilemma
The Little Black Dress
Rose E. Grier art Seems Like Fiction
Edward Michael O’Durr Supranowicz art Presents
Brian Forrest art Mt. Diablo Poppies
Edward Michael O’Durr Supranowicz art Regret
Ronald M. Wade A Visit to the Grotto
Mel Waldman Healer
Oz Hardwick art Salvation IV
the HA!man of South Africa art Garden Relax
Trish Weil portions of the novel Some Other Place
Mike Berger Train Wreck
Suddenly Sick
Backup Plan
Happily Ever After
Diet Coke
Candle Light
Mutant Mantis
72 Virgins
The Old Violin
Huckleberry Pie
Doctor Watson
My Shadow Dances
Janet Kuypers Escape My Brain Somehow
Broke the Reflection
My First Time
film the cheerleaders
My New Grocery List
our lady of humility’s hypocrisy
Before I can Put a Smile on my Face Again
It’s Someone’s Job
You Carried It
Dreams Turned Into Nightmares
Update 2011 on the Man who Loved me
keep looking for death
you’ve left me on Siesta Beach
Conflicting Convictions

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Cultural Touchstone, cc&d book front cover