It Was All Preordained, dirt edition - book front cover  

    Enjoy the 2012 magazine collection book from Scars Publications and Down in the Dirt magazine, with the January-April 2012 magazine issues titled “It Was All Preordained”.

the 01-04 2012 dirt collection book
It Was All Preordained
a Down in the Dirt issue collection book

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    To know exactly what is included in this collection book, view the listing below. All author entries are listed in this collection book in alphabetical order — unlike past issue collection books, writings are not separated by issue, but alphabetically by author name. This means that all of the writings appearing in multiple issues by one author appear together in this collection book — in the print book, book page headers indicate which month’s issue released the writing.


below is a listing of the accepted writers
and titles writing in this collection.

Matthew Bagdanovich East Anglia
Tom Ball Exerpts from the Diary of a Useless Man
It Was All Preordained
Eleanor Leonne Bennett art Sing to the Moon
Matt Barden The Postman, The Toys and
    The Streets of Meadowbank South
Nancy Lee Bethe Questions
Teddy’s Birthday
The Quieters
Matthew T. Birdsall Desire: Tahitian Adam
P. Keith Boran My Boy’ll Wake Up
Psycho Sally
Her Parts
Mike Brennan Santiago’s Leg
Jack Bristow Third-Life Crisi
Jon Brunette I Don’t Want to Live Anymore
Eric Burbridge Good Writer
D.A. Cairns In the Company of Fools
Lisa Cappiello Fearless
Kevin Cole The Dascoli Last Stand
Justin Creed One Horse Is as Good as Another
Charley Daveler Punishment by Proxy
Eleanor Leonne Bennett art Alan in his garden
Frank De Canio Snow
Kenneth DiMaggio Johnny
Beth Einspanier Beautiful Purgatory
Eleanor Leonne Bennett art Ballbarings from Chrash
Jon Gale Back to the old house
Travis Green Drowning in the Horizon
John Grey Wet Letter Office
Katrina K Guarascio Bus Station
Tom Gumbert Just Another White Man in America
Nathan Hahs Untitled (looking)
Untitled (nothing)
Fritz Hamilton The doppelganger
The reason I don’t commit suicide
I’ve disappeared but still feel the pain
My bike rides uneasy into that good night
The transvestite at the bar likes me.
Eating my heart, I find it needs blood
Timothy McVeigh, where are you?
Christopher Hanson The Second Salesman
Jill E. Harris The Libertarian
Barton Hill You Are A Gadget
Christopher Hivner Louder and Noisier
A Brief Interruption
Brian Huba The Ford Granada
Judith Kaufman Hometown
Jenna Kelly Feast
Sean Lause Titanic II
The night I forgot to be afraid
Alyssa Lawless Jaclyn-Kate
Jennifer E. Lee Dear Sarah
Ben Leib Once, I Found That I Might Be
        a Good Friend
James Livingston Doppelganger
E. J. Loera Chalk Dust
Brian Looney Escape Artist
Exhibit 1
My Dear Doctor
Brian LoRocco Black Ferris
R. W. Lowrie Heaven, Dogs, Gorillas and Aliens
Robert D. Lyons God Hates Us All
Neon Rain
The Lonely Grave of Ingram
You Are Not What She Thinks You Are
Ben Macnair The Beard Monster
Marcin Majkowski Hero of a Silent Movie
Six Liters
to Liberate
Colors of Life
Sarah Lucille Marchant overheat
4 April 2009
Alain Marciano me and myself
Kyle Scot Martinez Potatoes
Amanda McNeil The Most Lovely Morning
Eleanor Leonne Bennett art Carpet of Ice and Stone
Kimberly M. Miller Halloween Hit and Run
Kristopher Miller A Crushed Match
Modern Vaudeville Afternoon
M. E. Mitchell Airport Calls
DM Morales Regarding Your Upcoming Suicide
Sheryl L. Nelms Foreshadowed
Fire Ant Hill
The Wait
Ryan Priest Over Sky
Donna Pucciani Holding Your Leg
John Ragusa The Three Wishes
the Automobile
Kenneth Rutherford Negotiating With Ants
Terry Sanville Radio Free Mississippi
Joel Schueler Thoughts on Wilson
Curt Seubert More Noise, Please
Eric Shelman Religion and Government
Jill Simons The Window
Dorothy H. Smith We Are the Future, and the Future Is Now
Paul Reagan Smith Cackling and the Crypt
Liam Spencer Bulls in the Attic
Hell of a waste
Ellie Stewart By the pool
Facing Space
Mary Stone Sky Elegy
Bob Strother Sprinkles
Stanley B. Trice Briefing on Cue
Patrick VandenBussche Automations
Clinton Van Inman Every Boy’s Hero
Mel Waldman Subhuman No More
Locked Inside
Kenneth Weene A Joe
Kerry Lown Whalen The Way Things Were
Duncan Whitmire Monks and Ants
Janet Kuypers Nonficton
I Remember
Seeing Things Differently
Train Tracks
A Life Goes By
Letter on Religion

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It Was All Preordained, dirt edition - book front cover