the Mission (issue edition), cc&d book front cover  

    Enjoy the 2012 magazine collection book from Scars Publications and cc&d magazine, with the May-August 2012 magazine issue writings and select artwork... This collectionb book “the Mission” has two editions — one of material from the issues and one with chapbook releases and select issue releases. So pick up a copy today of “the Mission (issue edition)”!

the 05-08 2012 cc&d collection book
the Mission (issue edition)
a cc&d issue collection book

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    The only author names that may not be listed alphabetically are for pieces of artwork sprinkled selectively throughout the book, from different issues...
    To know exactly what is included in this collection book, view the listing below. All author entries are listed in this collection book in alphabetical order.


below is a listing of the accepted writers and titles
(of writing or artwork) in this collection.

Linda Webb Aceto Mania on Tiptoes
Peter LaBerge (art) Lunar Strike
W. Dontā Andrews Aquarius
The Interruption
Peter LaBerge (art) Knock
Cheryl Townsend (art) Trombone
Christine Barba Freedom
On Social Networking
David Michael Jackson (art) Chief
Dana Blake Fine
the HA!man of South Africa (drawing) Old Man Faltering
P. Keith Boran A Wasp’s Sting
Wm. Samuel Bradford The Eve of St. Agnes
Rose E. Grier (art) Light on Floor
Audrey Burns Core
Michael Ceraolo Deuteronomy 23:20: Twenty-First Century Edition
Numbers 13: Twenty-First Century Edition
On a New Psychological Disorder
On What Should Be, But Isn't, An Aim in Psychiatric Wards
John Yotko (art) (untitled)
the HA!man of South Africa (drawing) eyes
Nick Brazinsky (art) at 110 Stories
Corey Cook Mom’s First Husband
George Coston (art) (untitled)
Kelly K. Darrow Bastard
David Michael Jackson (art) Primordial Essence
Holly Day Shameless
Frank De Canio How Not To Drown
Kenneth DiMaggio Poem from the Netherworld Notebook (Release)
Brian Duggan Liquefied
John Duncklee The Check-up
Lily Gardner Innocence
Aaron Wilder (art) Le Monde image 016\
Deni Ann Gereighty Descent Into Madness
Brian Forrest (painting) Madeline
Fritz Hamilton I wake up with my nose in Kafka’s dungbeetle
Republicans prove their worth
Dick Nixon murders Allende
I ride my dungbeetle throughout Texas
Aaron Wilder (art) Le Monde image 011
Don Hargraves No Shoeboxes Allowed
Edward Michael O’DurrSupranowicz (art) Wounded Beauty
Joseph Hart God exists only in thought
Waking Up In Highland Hospital
On The Way To Denny’s
God & The Homosexual
Henry Walter Matthews (art) Champion
Eric W Jepson The Legend of Boitown
måx keanu Occupy Mind Street
Bob Johnston Sought Through Prayer and Meditation
Seger Lansdale Land Pirates
Peter LaBerge (art) Windy Road
Brian Looney They Are Outside
The Mannequin Special
Safety’s Measured in Square Feet
Aaron Wilder (art) Le Monde image 013
Cheryl Townsend (art) Two Forward
Robert D. Lyons Into the Breach
The Great Sea Yearns
The Horror Show Of Earth Swarms With Them
Rose E. Grier (art) Cerulean
Brandon A.M. Wednesday for Dick
Marcin Majkowski to Paint
the HA!man of South Africa (art) At This Point
Bruce Matteson Graphs and Corruption
Edward Michael O’Durr Supranowicz (art) the World is Round
Don Maurer The Heartbreak of Gelotophobia
Brian Forrest (painting) nyc
Jennifer McCain To the Girl in the Hallway, Who Will Never Be the Same
Brian Hosey and Lauren Braden (photography) (untitled)
Jim Meirose Church Money
Oz Hardwick (art) Turn On Tune In Count the Money
Drew Nacht Monday through Friday
Sheryl L. Nelms Takeoff From Dallas Love Field
John Newmark I hope my tongue doesn’t get stuck
Üzeyir Lokman ÇAYCI (art) MOTIF UZEYIR TAK3K
Andrew H. Oerke The Poet
Brian Hosey and Lauren Braden (photography) Skyline (from Osha, Dog Canyon)
Alexander P.S. When Christ Reached Nirvana
Eric Bonholtzer (art) (untitled)
Jeffrey Park Super Neurosis Man
Emily Olive Petit Taste
S. Progress Religion is like Cancer
Eric Bonholtzer (art) (untitled)
John Rachel Climbing Mt. Fuji
John Yotko (photography) mountains near the Great Wall of China (closest to Beijing)
I.B. Rad Bring Manufacturing Back
Nuclear proliferation
Nick Brazinsky (art) 31st Street View
Stephen V. Ramey Jehovah Joint
Yasmin Ramirez Drum Beats
George Coston (art) (untitled)
Carl Scharwath Unsocial Media
Rex Sexton Carnival
Derrick Sherwin The Tricky Trotters
Like Souls
Aaron Wilder (art) Le Monde image 7 “Mortals Hear the Sacred Cry”
Le Monde image 014
Brian Hosey and Lauren Braden (art) (untitled)
Sterling A Slechta About a Driver
Brian Forrest (painting) Underpass
Bob Strother One Bad Thing
Jane Stuart Moon Sky
R. N. Taber Keeper of the Flame
A Persuasion Called Freedom
Henry Walter Matthews (art) Morning
David Thompson To Help You Forget
Ronald M. Wade Elron
Heavenly Rewards
Idol Worship
Adieu Gioconda
Aaron Wilder (art) Portrait of the Artist’s Interaction with the World
Le Monde image 110
Janet Kuypers In These Times
Remembering Death
Supposed to Make Sense
Human Construct of Time
On This Ride
No Compunction
Beauty in the Eyes of Einstein
Gonna Break
mechanical soldiers
Zach Makes Me Think About These Things
Us, Actually Touching
You’ve Killed Me
Games We Play

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the Mission (issue edition), cc&d book front cover