Poet as Sociopath: the 2013 poetry collection book front cover  

    Enjoy the 2013 poetry collection book from Scars Publications, with Poet as Sociopath of select poetry in this 2013 annual poetry collection book, which contains select accepted poems from 2013 issues of both cc&d magazine and Down in the Dirt magazine...

    In this collection book series, this book is an expanded paperback book version (with far more poetry) than the ISSN# 2014 “don’t forget it” weekly date book... So if you didn’t grab a copy of the spiral-bound 2014 date book, pick up a copy today of “the Poet as Sociopath: the 2013 poetry collection book” today!

enjoy poetry with select 2013
Scars Publications poems in

    “Poet as Sociopath    
the Scars 2013 collection book

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paperback ISBN# book

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    To know exactly what is included in this collection book, view the listing below...

    And HEY! Some of the shorter poems in the beginning of this poetry collection book also appear in the 2013 Poetry date book don’t forget it, and many of these poems were also read at the poetry open mic at the Café Gallery (held in in Chicago every other Wednesday), so go to the the 2013 Poetry date book don’t forget it web page to see video links from readings of some of these poems as well!


below is a listing of the accepted writers and titles
(of writing or artwork) in this collection.

Paul Bellerive
(Editor’s Choice contest winner)
Yesterday’s Children
Found and Lost
Michael D. Brown Drawing a fox
Kenneth DiMaggio American Gothic (#3).
Maria A. Arana The Loss
Willie Haul Perhaps
Ben Macnair The myth of Snowflakes
Liam Spencer Understanding
Jonathan Beale Why?
Travis Green Drowning
Matthew Horstkotter Hanging the Innocent
Alex S. Johnson Death by Integers
Bradley Bates I Ran Outside to Hear
Lucia Blinn Casablanca. Take 2.
Doug Draime Superman Looking Through
A Microscope At Cells Dying
Simon Perchik Untitled (graves)
Pepper Giese News Flash
Richard King Perkins II The Things You Feel
Cannot Be the Things I Feel
I.B. Rad But for Sin
Marlon Jackson Beautiful
Jenene Ravesloot Spyglass
S. Progress Victim No More
Bruce Matteson haiku
Hannah Haas The Last Sunset
Michael Ceraolo On What Constitutes
a Human Rights Violator
Travis Green Across the Grassland
Brian Looney Forget It
Nick Viglietta Drifting Sensations
Jason D. Cooper Mentor
Tom Roby 2011
CEE Just Don’t Argue, Anymore
Linda Webb Aceto The Check Is In the Mail
Gregory Liffick Flesh
Eric Burbridge Wiggle In The Grass
Dan Fitzgerald Death of Children II
S. R. Mearns Poppy
Bill Yarrow Beach Scene
Roland Stoecker Drunk Father
Kelly Haas Shackeford Daddy’s Lil’ Toy
Janet Kuypers Vengeful Phone
Tom Curry Home Recipe for Sharia Justice
Roger Cowin The Secret Jar
George Gott Together
Corey Cook Sitting at a Bus Stop at Sunrise
Fritz Hamilton I try to shoot myself
Oz Hardwick No Smoke
Erren Kelly Black man in Paris
Wes Heine Pigeons
Christopher Mulrooney return of the birds
Guy J. Jackson 9 minutes
David (Buddha309) Hargarten excerpt from “The not enough coffee,
still up all night, lack of direction,
paranoid A.D.D. blues.”
MCD Say goodnight Eloise!
Erin Neckels To Paralysis
Emilio Maldonado 4.20.07 1132p
Jessica Pilgreen Death at 6 A.M.
Emily CalvoAugust Hunting Down Dinner
on Highway 13
William Robison Vernon Eugene at the
Civil War Roundtable
Carlos Rojas Jr. (Lcpl Rojas) Our Fallen
Joe Roarty satan @ sheetz
Caroline N. Simpson The Modigliani Daughter
Devon Sova Some Feelings Never Go Away
Mike R. Weaver haiku
Dana Stamps, II I Walked Behind
Jeff Stinson Monster
Will C. Superior city vein
R. N. Taber Autumn Leaves
David J. Thompson Something Told Me No
Kelley Jean White MD Morality Tale
Jerry Pendergast Letter to a Stranger
Andrew H. Oerke Reflections on Monet’s Waterlilies
Dr. (Ms.) Michael S. Whitt The Enemies of the Creative
are the Dull Minded & the Enemy
of the Dull Mind is Reality Itself
Neal Wilgus Truth Fairy
Vol Lindsey Oh, Jesus
Robert Lawrence The Gift
David S. Pointer Diesel Punk Pathway
Holly Day In The End
Mel Waldman Lost
Buried in the Snow
After Death
Dempsey Garcia Struggling after Armageddon
Christopher Hanson Crimson Socks
Phillip A. Ellis The Country Church
Josh Gaines Chicago “L”
Sean J Mahoney Excision
Allen M Weber Allen M Weber
Kerry Lown Whalen You
Robert Heath Penny Arcade Inflated
John T. Hitchner Why this chaos?
CK Baker Who’s the dummy?
D.S. Maolalai either way, you have to have one
James T. Carr david rockerfellers last day on earth
Esteban Colon Firearm Philosophy
R.F. Jordan visibility...six feet
Mary Mac Neil Prey
Ryan Peeters Open Campus
Eric S. Poet as Sociopath
David Michael Schmidt Beliefs
William Robison Throat Cancer and the Hungry Nation

Poet as Sociopath
the 2013 poetry edition collection

as a 6" x 9" paperback ISBN# book

Poet as Sociopath: the 2013 poetry collection book front cover

Poet as Sociopath: the 2013 poetry collection book cover spread