Entanglement, Down in the Dirt January - June collection book - book front cover  

    Enjoy the 2013 magazine collection book from Scars Publications and Down in the Dirt magazine, with the January - June 2013 magazine issues titled “Entanglement”.

the 01-06 2013 Down in the Dirt collection book
a Down in the Dirt issue collection book

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    To know exactly what is included in this collection book, view the listing below. All author entries are listed in this collection book in alphabetical order — unlike past issue collection books, writings are not separated by issue, but alphabetically by author name. This means that all of the writings appearing in multiple issues by one author appear together in this collection book — in the print book, book page headers indicate which month’s issue released the writing.


below is a listing of the accepted writers
and titles writing in this collection.

Maria A. Arana Cry for Freedom
The Loss
Adelaida Avila Gratitude and Relief
Brian Boru Hallowed Ground
Subject 137
blasted Tower
Mike Brennan an Exotic Encounter
Home Sweet Home
Michael D. Brown The Nomad and the Dromedary
Drawing a fox
Jon Brunette The Victim
Eric Burbridge Bell Ringer
Ten Percent
Revenge with Sausage and Pepperoni
CEE Friendly Visit, late night, 1997
A whiskey drink (his milk addiction)
The Big Duck Opines: The Occupy Movement
The Pirana (Secondary School Litmus)
Better than STAR WARS, but Only for a Minute
The Big Duck Opines: A Few Good Men
Michael Chaney Mischievous House Painters
    Don’t Go to the Mall to Shop
Kenneth DiMaggio American Gothic (#2)
American Gothic (#3).
Janet Doggett Film Noir
Margaret Doonan Another Day in Paradise
Doug Downie The Killers
Daniel Flaherty Bible in a Trashcan
Zachary F. Gerberick The Hole
Cassia Gaden Gilmartin Goodnight
Eleanor Leonne Bennett art bbab
Hanna Gaden Gilmartin The kite String Broke
Jordaine Givens Superiority
Danya Goodman Entanglement
Chad Grant The Metaphors of Flight
Farewell was All it Took
Eleanor Leonne Bennett art edenss cord
Michael Greeley The Riot of 2012
Travis Green She was lost
He’s Gone
A Changed Woman
Across the Grassland
Trevor Hackley The “Jump Ship” Girl
Eleanor Leonne Bennett art Steam 087_1
Fritz Hamilton I’m freezing my ass off on the steam grates
The bus gets dark & narrow as I leave it
I go to the thriftshop to find a cane or walking stick.
“He shoves me down on the table.”
        “He tries to beat me to death.”
Trudy is watching from her rocker
I sit on Mission St as it crumbles
The kaleidoscope darkens its window
I open my skull with a flower
Robert Heath Looking Inside a Car on a Winter Sunday
Penny Arcade Inflated
John T. Hitchner Why this chaos?
Willie Haul Perhaps
Dennis Humphrey Negligent Discharge
Marlon Jackson I wish to be forever
The Art of Wisdom
The Moon still Glows
Water Never Sleeps
Ray Kemble No Bull
Joseph Kraus Dawn
Richard Lind In The Mind’s Eye
Rex Bromfield art 1000 words for the Taliban
Brian Looney Forget It
Ben Macnair The myth of Snowflakes Shrouded
D.S. Maolalai Hell is where you can see
either way, you have to have one
Love Shapes
Kevin Mazzola The Ambulance
Zach Murphy Young Flesh
Harry Noussias The Fallen Soldier
Eleanor Leonne Bennett art broken 0122
Ryan Priest The Sell-Out
John Ragusa Cheaters Never Win
A Unique Ring
The Tattoo
Michael Royce On Safari
Kenneth Schalhoub Rebuilt Parts
Tom Sheehan The Old Man Who Hid Music
Bridgette Singleton Cat’s in the Bag
Carol Smallwood Looking for Other Routes
Liam Spencer Growth
Keep it that way
Bob Strother A Beautiful Demise
Kevin Michael Vance the end
Nick Viglietta Drifting Sensations
Indifferent perceptions
Allen M Weber Epitasis for the Wandering Jew (The Toast)
The Borrow Pit
Acquired Tastes
Kerry Lown Whalen Seeking Solace
Abir Wood Consent in October
Nathan C. Zackroff A Man at a Counter
Janet Kuypers A Dream About Murder.
Tell Me
Chain Smoking
Top of the Mountain
Having Company Over
the Apartment
Driving By His House
Having Children One Day
Tanya’s Story
Ugly House
How You Looked Then
a Letter
leaving for work
king of the universe
Mike Brennan a Petal under Pavement

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Entanglement, Down in the Dirt January - June collection book - book front cover