the Intersection

    Enjoy the 2015 magazine collection book from Scars Publications and Down in the Dirt magazine, with the January-June 2015 magazine issue writings and select artwork... So now is your chance to get a slice of Down in the Dirt life in 2015 with this one-time-only collection book, and pick up a copy today of “the Intersection”!

    The author names in this listing appear as they are listed in magazine issue/books. For writings that appear in issues, the titles of their writing do not appear on this web page, but all of the names are linked to the individual issue/book that actually contains the material.

    To know exactly what is included in this collection book, view the listing below. All author entries are listed in this collection book as they are listed in magazine issue/books.


the Intersection front cover

the Intersection
the Down in the Dirt July-December 2015
issue collection book

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below is a listing of the accepted writers
and artists in this collection.

(all art on inside pages of this book appears in black and white.)

part one:Too Many Miles
the July/August 2015 issue of Down in the Dirt, v130

Lisa Gray
Donald Gaither
Norm Hudson
Doug Draime
Benjamin Sabin
Eric Burbridge
Liam Spencer
Kelley Jean White MD
Antonio Marques
Janet Kuypers’ haiku “don’t”
Matthew H Emma
David Hernandez
Jennifer Green
Janet Kuypers’ haiku “choice”
Bob Strother
Janet Kuypers’ haiku “cover”
Joseph Walters
Janet Kuypers’ haiku “imprisoned / ignorance”
Steve Slavin
Eleanor Leonne Bennett art
David Haight
Janet Kuypers’ haiku “unless”
Jonathan Payne
Jeffrey Penn May
John K. Graham
G. A. Scheinoha
Fritz Hamilton
Janet Kuypers

part two:Path of Least Resistance
the September 2015 issue of Down in the Dirt, v131

Lisa Gray, “Wee Gems”
G. A. Scheinoha, “Path of Least Resistance”
Liam Spencer, “Keepers”
Michael Madden, “Skullduggery PA”
Janet Kuypers, “much”
Victoria Griffin, “Cigarettes and Daisies”
Liz Betz, “Good Medicine”
Janet Kuypers, “out”
John K. Graham, “Time”
Eland D. Summers, “Hunting With Carey”
Eric Napolitan, “Soulless”
Eleanor Leonne Bennett, “diogen” art
Rachel Peters, “The End of Something”
Kyle Hemmings, “Divided Street” art
Sam Nicodemus, “She Dreamed”
Fritz Hamilton, “The King of the Jews goes to Auschwitz”
Fritz Hamilton, “women working in Afghanistan”
Chad Newbill, “Daddy’s Chair”
Andrew D. Grossman, “False Flag”
Clyde Daniel Bearre, “Winter Hitchhikers”
David Hernandez, “Searching for Coins”
Craig Watts, “The Goat’s Milk Massacre”
Brian Looney, “Convoluted Afternoon” art
Michael C. Keith, “Soldier Blue”
Donald Gaither, “untitled (symphony)”
Eric Ullerich, “Killing Nazis”
Janet Kuypers, “last”
W. Scott R. Brownlee, “Philosophical Stripper”
Jessica Marie Baumgartner, “After the Eulogy”
Edward Michael O’Durr Supranowicz,
                                            “a Turn in the Road” art
James Krehbiel, “Little Soldiers”
David Michael Jackson, “Pretty Water Scene” art
Janet Kuypers, “one oh three destruction instructions: run faster”

part three:hello goodbye goodbye hello
the October 2015 issue of Down in the Dirt, v132

Liam Spencer
Lisa Gray
Donald Gaither
Allan Onik
John K. Graham
Kyle Hemmings photography
Chad Newbill
Janet Kuypers’ haiku Lucille Ann
Fritz Hamilton
Craig Watts
Janet Kuypers’ haiku Visakhapatnam
W. Scott R. Brownlee
A.N. Block
Janet Kuypers’ haiku poor
Scott Morley
Janet Kuypers’ haiku extend
Matt Koch
Dean Jones
Zain Saeed
Rosalie Krenger
Kyle Hemmings photography
Skerdi Brahimaj
Denny E. Marshall
Adam Mac
Allison Grayhurst
Neil Flory
Patty Somlo
Eleanor Leonne Bennett art
Monica Busch
Michael Lee Johnson
Ag Synclair
Sean Lause
Roy Miller
Ron Iannone
Carlo Frank Calo
Rose Marie
Doug Hawley
Janet Kuypers’ haiku hold
Matthew Hentrich
Janet Kuypers’ haiku Ants and Crosses
Richard King Perkins II
Zachary Harp
Judith Ann Levison
Janet Kuypers

part four:Planets Apart
the November/December 2015 issue of Down in the Dirt, v133

John Feaster Adagio Ocean
David Hernandez What Reminds Me Of Christmas?
Chad Newbill Red Cape
Fritz Hamilton It feels like Saturday
Allan Onik A Lesson in Magic
Under Cover
The Reading
Janet Kuypers upturn
Denny E. Marshall Cars
Prescription #L
Planets Apart
Space & Time
Sean Lause The knife sharpener
Why I read comic books
Neil Flory Wichita
Janet Kuypers of his thirst
Judith Ann Levison Last Act
Doug Hawley Jen
Ester Avagyan Learning and Studying
    Went on Far Into the Night

Putting My Brain
    In A Concentration Camp
Joann Spencer Apology Poem
Michael Lee Johnson Abandoned
Brian Looney Alcoholic Murmurs (So Low)
Alcoholic Murmurs (Trust)
Andrew Schenck Home Alone
Janet Kuypers strike
S. R. Mearns Three Words Unspoken
Roger G. Singer Sheng Street
Mark J. Mitchell Actor
Solo Fight
Francisco Diamond A Very Good Year
Adventures in The Skin Trade:
    homage to Charles Plymell
J. Edward Kruft Heck Street
Janet Kuypers Quoting twitter with a found haiku
Dennis Vannatta Friends and Judges
Chris Johnson Down, Down
Stephanie Hammerwold The Service
Kylee Hemmings Smoke and Sun art
Bob Strother The Bump
Russ Bickerstaff The Face
Brian Looney Psychedelic Snail art
Christos C. Kallis The Perks of Being
Peter McMillan The Intersection
Edward Michael
    O’Durr Supranowicz
Crossing the River art
Peter McMillan The Tunnel is Closed
David Sowards Email cartoon
Crimson Blackstone In The Light And The Dark
Janet Kuypers know
Ben Macnair Charity
Film Studies
Danny Maltbie Incursion
Eleanor Leonne Bennett Sea Out art
Ralph Womer, Jr. The Storm
Stefan Benz [art is not. perfection]
[bug-eyed. the little child]
John Grey Deep as the Bear
Your Recovery
Richard Schnap Last Call
Sleeping Beauties
Karen Jones Ka-‘ula-o-ke-ahi
Golden Necklace
Naomi Kondo Visits to My Mind

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