2016 anthology


“the Chamber” front cover

Welcome to the Chamber

    Enjoy the 2016 poetry & prose (and don’t forget the artwork) anthology from Scars Publications, titled the Chamber of select poetry, flash fiction and longer prose/short stories in this one-of-a-kind 2016 annual collection book, which contains select accepted writings chosen from 2016 issues of both cc&d magazine and Down in the Dirt magazine...

the Chamber
the Scars 2016 poetry & prose collection book

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    To know exactly what is included in this collection book, view the listing below... If your writing or artwork appears in this collection book (or if you know someone with material in this book, or if you just want to pick up a great book to read), order a copy of the Chamber today!

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below is a listing of the accepted writers and titles
(of writing or artwork) in this collection.

all artwork printed inside the book is in grayscale.


Editor’s Choice Contest Winner

Paul Bellerive At Danny Hannigan’s Old Times Tavern
The Naturalist

(plus artwork)

\tRichard Schnap No Comment
Denny E. Marshall Haiku (peppered)
Corey Cook stillborn
Joann Spencer Weekend Father
Kenneth DiMaggio Poem #4 from The Oxycodone Highway
C. D. Bonner Fall
Liz Yohemoore Stone Singing
A.J. Huffman I’ve Been Trying to Think
Doug Draime Sentences (halls)
Liam Spencer Volumes
Kristen Welker The Calling
Peter Halliday once, i was waiting
Marc Carver ME
Stefan Benz summerlong
Linda Golden What I Was Told
Al Ortolani Turquoise Stone
Nathaniel Sverlow a measure of time
JoyAnne O’Donnell Flower’s Essence
Indunil Madhusankha Paradox
CEE The Speeding Effect of Aging
Üzeyir Lokman Çayci DSCN4231 UZEYIR HK9K art
Ryan V. Stewart Night over Lower Manhattan
Charles Hayes Home
David Michael Jackson Haystacks art
Michael Lee Johnson Jesus in a Nighttime City (V3)
David J. Thompson Storage Tanks Jesus art
I.B. Rad Don’t bite the hand
Simon Perchik untitled (letter)
Rose E. Grier Repose At 97 art
John Grey Tight
George Gott Abundance
Michael Ceraolo SHE: A Fable for the 21st Century
Xanadu Drama
Flying Celestial Club Remix art
Brian Looney Decades
Hookah Possessed art
A.S. Coomer Seven Chords
Katie Moore An Aged Affair
Blake Corrao Angry Letter From A Dead Son
               to A Remarried Mother
Victor Pearn In 1959
Marlon Jackson Representing
Liam C. Calhoun It’ll be crimson tonight
Stephen Toft Autumn Haiku
Ken Allan Dronsfield Palette of my Soul
Ben Macnair Did you see the moon tonight?
Gregg Dotoli Us
Kayla Katsuda The Four Seasons
Joshua Sinclair Family
Wesley Furukido Untouchable
Casey Powers The Strength of a Family History
Chris Butler in the closet
John Grey A Get-Together Ten Years Down the Road
Janet Kuypers Entering the Lake of Fire
Other Souls
jihadists and astrophysics

Flash Fiction
(plus artwork, with interspersed poems in italics)

Katherine McCormick The Breaking
Janet Kuypers years
Talon Lawrence Betrayal
Janet Kuypers knife
Wes Smith Life Over Breakfast
Janet Kuypers scorches
Terry C. Ley A Stormy Beginning
Janet Kuypers forever
Drew Marshall Inpatient Impressions
Janet Kuypers existence
Debasis Mukhopadhyay No country for a Jew
Maria-Jose Villamar Our Date
Peter Halliday pursuing propinquity
Janet Kuypers job
Allan Onik The Forgotten Isle
Janet Kuypers defenses
Ariel Nichols I almost got Caught
Janet Kuypers guide
Eric Burbridge Count Your Blessings
Janet Kuypers fog
Dene Williams The Beer
Terry C. Ley Friends and Neighbors
Sej Harman Prisoners
Janet Kuypers cage
Bob Strother Once Is Enough
Joe Randazzo Burning What’s Left Of The Castle
Steve Sibra A Drowning Boy Visits the House of the Recent Dead
Denny E. Marshall haiku (sign)
Sarah Parfait Watermelon Farm
Robert Laughlin Forced Move to a Small Apartment
Carrie Ives Lightning Louise
Edward Michael O’Durr Supranowicz Pattern from Saturn art
Priscilla Pilar Estrada The Important Blues
Janet Kuypers difference
Tiffeni Crawford 6 Feet Under
David Michael Jackson Man on Wall art
Brittany Kearney Coming Home
Janet Kuypers stagger
Tim T.K. Family
Janet Kuypers kindness
Suzanne Pearman a Midwestern Eulogy
Kyle Hemmings Grass Man On Bench art
Phil Temples Blood of the Lamb
Allison Whittenberg Something in Between
Wes Heine 10665760 art
Russ Bickerstaff A Walk With Norm
David Russell Face art
Rod Dixon Across the Water and in the Shade of the Trees
Janet Kuypers Private Lives Three
    (the elevated train, Chicago Illinois)
Nora McDonald Boys and Bluebonnets
Sterling Jacobs Paying It Forward
Betty J. Sayles Daughter of the Woods
Dave Nelson College Days Are Swiftly Fleeting
D. D. Renforth No Ship is Big Enough
Aaron Wilder High Season 01 art
Steven K. Smith Night
Poetic Please Read the Letter
Kyle Hemmings Who’s Girl art
Mike Brennan Date of Discharge
Steve Sibra Hitler’s Woman
Kathryn Trattner Negative
Luis Herrera Tests Aren’t the Only Things with Difficult Choices
Janet Kuypers mister
Mario “Maxx” Hassell The Chamber
Janet Kuypers floor
Kendra Burns Shot
Janet Kuypers ever leave me
Jazmine Dorsey John
Janet Kuypers John
Jamanda Parker Thriller
Eleanor Leonne Bennett london wpo bebe 168 art
Melanie Greenwood Destiny
Stephan Deemer The Wolf
Janet Kuypers easy
Jaron Panikkar Time Is Madness
Edward Michael O’Durr Supranowicz Prisoner of Time art
Andrew Estep The Life of a Thief
Janet Kuypers run
Antonio Ingram Cadillac Vision
Alex Kingsley Blackmail the Devil
Janet Kuypers evil
Angelica Carter Nine-Year-Old Eyes
Abdulrahman “Manny” Sembawah Honor
Janet Kuypers knowing
King Wiz Bloody Knuckles and Broken Bottles
Doug Hawley Meds
Bill Wolak Desire Burned Your Doors to Ashes art
Nick Gregorio Death Protects
Janet Kuypers sting
Stephanie Conley Burning Sensation
Roger G. Singer Blues Man
David A. Forrester Long Long on the Moon Ride
Fabrice Poussin Enchanted art
Rose Saundersl Darkness
Daniel Mark An Open Letter to the Lady with a Dog
Kyle Hemmings dog 1 art
Janet Kuypers heaviness

(plus artwork, with interspersed poems in italics)

Zane Schneider You Are Dad
Janet Kuypers How He Failed
B. Mason Corpus Christine
Janet Kuypers study
Jeff Nazzaro A Million Red Tickets
Kyle Hemmings Antiques Red art
Kevin James Islam beyond the Quran: The Color of Water
David Nelson Hilliard Janine
Abigail Smith The End of June
Jon Wesick Dawn
Edward Michael O’Durr Supranowicz 47 Flavors art
Patrick Fealey El Dorado
Flowers of Spring art
Carol Murphy Words
Janet Kuypers brewery
DC Diamondopolous The Bell Tower
Beaumont Sebos Cops
Edward Michael O’Durr Supranowicz a Little Anxiety art
Don Maurer The Worlds Worst Four-N-Sick Geologist
Janet Kuypers explosions
Dr. (Ms.) Michael S. Whitt A Brief Epic of Ecological Eroticism Progressive
    Soulmates Bond in Big Nature Spots
Nora McDonald Love your Fellow Man
Edward Michael O’Durr Supranowicz Kind Woman art
Bernard Otto Around Goes What?
Simon Easton Shecky Shalom
David J. Thompson Jesus on Tires art
Kimba Rose Williams Skritch Skritch
William R. Soldan Suicidal Birds
Janet Kuypers groove
Eliah Medina Gregory Death
Kyle Hemmings Sky 1 art
Jo Thomoson Casual Tuesday

the Chamber
the 2016 poetry, prose & artwork anthology

as a 6" x 9" paperback ISBN# book

“the Chamber” front cover

the Chamber cover spread