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“the 2018 literary review date book”

    Enjoy the 2018 date book from Scars Publications, with the 2018 literary review date book of select poetry and prose poetry in this weekly perfect-bound planner... This collection book is filled with accepted short poems and prose poems from 2017 issues of both cc&d magazine and Down in the Dirt magazine. This 2018 date book contains weekly planners for not only every week in 2018, but also the last 15 days in 2017 and the first 12 days in January 2019 (so you can make sure you won’t skip a beat at holiday times). This weekly planner is a perfect-bound book you can literally use every week of the year — for not only planning everything in life but also for new poetry to read every week! So pick up a copy today of the 2018 literary review date book!

the 2018 literary
review date book

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    To know exactly what is included in this collection book, view the listing below.
   And HEY! Any video recorded readings of material included in this date book are also listed here, so check out the video links here as well...


Janet, Poetry Aloud Thanks to Thom Woodruff for photo- graphing Janet Kuypers showcasing the new Scars Publications book “the 2018 literary review datebook” 12/9/17 at the “Poetry Aloud” poetry open mic at the Georgetown Public Library.

below is a list of the accepted writers
and titles (of writing) in this collection

December 17-23 2017 Patrick Fealey Rabble
Aaron Wilder Amends One  art
December 18-29 2017 Richard Schnap No Pets Allowed
Brian Forrest Street Cat  art
December 25-31 2017 Linda M. Crate moon & sun
Edward Michael O’Durr Supranowicz Moon Dreaming  art
Drew Marshall All the news that Fits
January 1-6 2018 John Sweet after california
Kyle Hemmings Fire Escape OR  photography
Janet Kuypers uphill
January 7-13 Ken Allan Dronsfield Adjunct
Wes Heine FOTDE89  art
January 14-20 Andy Roberts Unrequited
Rose E. Grier Happy Garden  photography
January 21-17 Donal Mahoney Meeting Dad Again (poem)
Üzeyir Lokman Çayci ART750-FZ-KUC  art
January 28-31 Oz Hardwick The Great Storm (January 1990)
I.B. Rad Lost in America
February 1-3 Marc Livanos Walk with Pride
Michael Lee Johnson Flight of the Eagle
February 4-10 Erren Geraud Kelly Maureen
Patrick Fealey Heather drawing
February 11-17 Xanadu Life of Roses (in Red)
February 18-24 Alicia Berdeguez The Battle of Kitchen Pointe
February 25-28 Jeffrey Zable On New Montgomery Street
Cheryl Townsend Fence  photography
ayaz daryl nielsen always
March 1-3 Dan Fitzgerald Blind
Brian Looney Second Sight drawing
Carl “Papa” Palmer Darwin Award
March 4-10 Richard King Perkins II Tavern Cleaner
March 11-17 Simon Perchik untitled (hush)
March 18-24 Brian Looney Pop-op-op
Rebecca Cowgill Gun
March 26-31 R. N. Taber Towards a Coming of Age
David Russell Diseased Tree  photography
April 1-7 Stefan Benz new and free
April 8-14 Angel Abitua The War in My Head
April 15-21 Robert Ronnow Enemies
April 22-28 Brady Peterson an editor’s cut
April 29-30 John Lowther [You are divisible.]
Dan Fitzgerald Name Whisperers
Sandeep Kumar Mishra I Painted an Ocean
May 1-5 Ani Keaten Girls Night Out
Janet Kuypers love (true story haiku)
May 6-12 Brady Peterson Forbidden
May 13-19 Indunil Madhusankha Leaving Home
May 20-26 Eric Obame Silence
May 27-31 Nicole Surginer Timeless
NASA JWST Science Simulation of Galaxy Collision  art
John Yotko haiku (lessons)
June 1-2 Christopher Hivner I Wrote on the Day the World Shook
Michael Ceraolo Modern Olympian Ode #19: Ticket to Ride (2016)
June 3-9 John F. Buckley Watching Bravo Reunion Shows
Charles Hayes Trade-in
June 10-16 Shane What is wanted
June 17-23 Janet Kuypers Cast in Stone
Janet Kuypers feel
June 24-30 Marc Carver Crabs
July 1-7 Allan Onik Zen Tap
Allan Onik Dark Clouds
July 8-14 Kenneth DiMaggio Ode #2 to a City Whose Young Come of Age
         Suckling on a Wild Pit Bull Bitch
July 15-21 ayaz daryl nielsen proposed and refused
Ben Rasnic Refrigerator Magnets
July 22-28 Marsha Foss Just Right
July 29-31 James Croal Jackson Aftermath
David Lohrey Drink the Ramen
David J. Thompson Ho Chi Minh
August 1-4 Kim Buck A Jail Cell of Pain
Lindsay Flanagan Harbour
August 5-11 Denny E. Marshall Haiku (dimension)
Denny E. Marshall Haiku (folded)
August 12-18 Bhargab Chatterjee Enmity
Tameka Jarmon Untitled
August 19-25 E. Martin Pedersen I Hate Monkeys
August 26-31 Joshua Copeland Freshman
Janet Kuypers need
September 1 David Sapp Laundry
Marilyn Flower Daughter
September 2-8 Roger G. Singer Ancient Colors
September 9-15 Cassondra Windwalker Breakfast Meeting
J Ash Gamble Complexion
September 16-22 Robert Fabre He Gazes From Above
September 23-29 Suchoon Mo Time To Go Home
Marlon Jackson My Reflection
September 30 Clint Brewer Dahling
George W. Clever Sundance on a Nike Silo (poem and photo)
October 1-6 Jason Galt Mulling over life in a stripmall liquor store
October 7-13 Ken Allan Dronsfield Ode to a Life I Forgot to Live
October 14-20 Heath Brougher The Hole Inside the Hole Inside the Hole
October 21-27 Zac Harris Peace
October 28-31 Karon Johnson Demons
Marc McMahon Escape
Kristyl Gravina Alive
November 1-3 Joe Brundidge Route 803
Thom Woodruff A Billionaire is Offering Millions
November 4-10 Scott Hicks Dressed In Low Clouds
Robert Beveridge Paper
November 11-17 Reed Redmond Formality
November 18-24 Sarah Henry Fortune Teller
November 25-30 Gregg Dotoli Someday When I’m There
Janet Kuypers close
December 1 Ben Radetski Dillinger
Erica Ann Welch Reasons to Stay Alive
December 2-8 Samuel T. Franklin The Old Railtrack
December 9-15 Sanjeev Sethi *Mobile and Me
Richard E. Gagnon Smooth
December 16-22 Shelly Sitzer Disappearing Statues
CEE Drones: The Sitting Duck and Cover Reality
December 23-29 John D Robinson The Young Apprentice
December 30-31 Eve Dobbins The Weeping Wail
John Grey Your New World
January 1-5 2019 Raven J. Cole Ravens
January 6-12 2019 Vanessa Munder Ice King

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the 2018 literary review date book