Random Thoughts

    Enjoy the 2017 magazine collection book from Scars Publications and Down in the Dirt magazine, with the May-August 2017 magazine issue writings and select artwork... So now is your chance to get a slice of Down in the Dirt life in 2017 with this one-time-only collection book, and pick up a copy today of “Random Thoughts”!

    The author names in this listing appear as they are listed in magazine issue/books. For writings that appear in issues, the titles of their writing do not appear on this web page, but all of the names are linked to the individual issue/book that actually contains the material.

    To know exactly what is included in this collection book, view the listing below. All author entries are listed in this collection book as they are listed in magazine issue/books.


Random Thoughts front cover


the Down in the Dirt May-August 2017
issue collection book

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(All images printed inside this book
are printed in clack and white;
Internet links are color images.)

below is a listing of the accepted writers
and artists in this collection.

(all art on inside pages of this book appears in black and white.)

part one:Hands that Hurt
the May 2017 issue of Down in the Dirt, v145

Drew Marshall Downhill Dreaming
J. Ray Paradiso Freelanced photography
John D Robinson Acting Lessons
Gary Greene Recycle Day
Janet Kuypers uphill
Marc McMahon We Can Do This
Janet Kuypers addiction
Joey Holland A Sunday Walk
Patricia Walkow The Lady on the Landing
Marc McMahon Hands that Hurt
Janet Kuypers Driving By His House
Lindsay Flanagan Harbour
Christine Jackson Coffee Mug
Allan Onik President’s Son
The Shift
Pat Tyrer Old Man Pete
Kristyl Gravina Alive
The Stranger by the Sea
Brent C. Green When the Woman You Love Goes Off to War
John F. Buckley Watching Bravo Reunion Shows
Liam Spencer Have it, they shall
Edward Michael O’Durr Supranowicz Rebellion of the Waves art
Bob Strother Reciprocity
Jim Santore A Rabbit’s Cry
Debbie L. Miller Land of Opportunity
Bill Wolak Once the Wind Became Light art
ayaz daryl nielsen someone
proposed and refused
Liz Posner A Grown Man
Kyle Hemmings Betty art
Alisha Mughal The Cat
David Lohrey Drink the Ramen
Miguel Gardel A Girl Named Beryl
Trey Hines The Job of a Lifetime
Eleanor Leonne Bennett P1460521 art
Perri Bryan A Night Gone Wrong
Fabrice Poussin Wanting to Escape art
David Lohrey Paradise Is Demanding
Janet Kuypers Oh, She Was a Woman
Questions and Tension


part two:Embracing Shadows
the June 2017 issue of Down in the Dirt, v146

ayaz daryl nielsen a brand new bra
Steven Hicks Going Home
Drew Marshall The Deep Pockets Theory
Kalen Rice Deployment
Edward Michael O’Durr Supranowicz Another War art
Perri Bryan Poisoned Love
Duff Allen Il Postino
Kyle Hemmings 084 art
Janet Kuypers need
Tony Ransom The Secret Within
Fabrice Poussin Alone art
Alexander Smith Norb
Julia Bravo Jack and Jill
Janet Kuypers Opposite
Patricia Ljutic The Basement
Kim Buck A Jail Cell of Pain
Carl Papa Palmer Blind Trust
forgotten magic words
Denny E. Marshall Haiku (almost)
Kristyl Gravina Random thoughts
Michelle Stumph Other People’s Problems
Eleanor Leonne Bennett P1270193 art
Janet Kuypers Ever Get It Back
Scott “Allan” Terrier Chain
Karon Johnson Demons
David Sapp Laundry
Leaf Blower
Manuel Alex Moya We stood like soldiers waiting for our orders
Marc Carver Crabs
Marc McMahon The Visit
Janet Kuypers escape
D. Harrington Miller Killing Papa
Zac Harris My Blood Remains
Keren Green Alone
Kraig Gander The Dilemma
Marsha Foss Just Right
Wayne Franklin The Drop Off
Richard Schnap Embracing Shadows
LaRue Cook Any Port in a Storm
Mandie Hines Be Here with Me
J.G. Walker Placing Mr. T
Barry Zabell Solitaire
Janet Kuypers close
Gregg Dotoli Someday When I’m There
Greg Moglia The Boarder
Anita G. Gorman Tenured Gal
Janet Kuypers Quibbling over Religion
Violence There


part three:On the Rocks
the July 2017 issue of Down in the Dirt, v147

Gregg Dotoli June Walk
Carl Papa Palmer Rear end Rearing
Sunday Afternoon
David Sapp Flirted with Nurses
Marsha Foss Vacationland
Drew Marshall The Purse Snatcher
Virgin Memory Loss
Bijit Sinha Palaver
Kristyl Gravina Pain
Jack Moody Success
Edward Michael O’Durr Supranowicz Shadow World art
Garin Turner The Mysterious Box
Allan Onik Zen Tap
Janet Kuypers nobody finds me
Allan Onik Dark Clouds
Allan Onik Red Tide
Wayne Franklin The Preparation
Janet Kuypers Cast in Stone
Alexander Smith A comfortable kind of nothing.
Edward Michael O’Durr Supranowicz Running After Nothing art
Greg Stidham Salvation Army
Doug Hawley War
Chanelle Pina Sharp Pains
Denny E. Marshall Haiku (dimension)
Haiku (folded)
DC Diamondopolous Leaves of Grass: An Apothecary
Fabrice Poussin King of the Caldera art
Norbert Kovacs Disagreement over a Novel
Janet Kuypers judge
Liam Spencer Only Good Things
Kyle Hemmings Blue Finger 2 art
Heather Chandler On The Rocks
Janet Kuypers census
Kristyl Gravina Night-time Fantasy
Richard Schnap Chosen Few
Ben Rasnic Refrigerator Magnets
Bhargab Chatterjee Enmity
Tameka Jarmon For Us
S. R. Mearns Two O Clock Stars
Kennisha Wright Take Me Away
Janet Kuypers out there
Jan Marquart Truth
Eleanor Leonne Bennett P1470596 art
Tiana Edwards Relationship Troubles
Elijah Deus Falling Grace
E. Martin Pedersen Dumbass World
Donal Mahoney Imperfect Storm Ends in a Rainbow
Rebecca Cowgill Gun
Roger McKnight Down the River
Brian Looney How Is Yours?
Janet Kuypers Job of being Homeless
Quiver with no Home


part four:Ancient Colors
the August 2017 issue of Down in the Dirt, v148

Jack Moody A Viable Option
Denny E. Marshall Haiku (inkblot)
E. Martin Pedersen I Hate Monkeys
Malcolm X. Banjo
Rebecca Cowgill Rain
Andrew Schenck Meeting Head-On and Head-Off
Janet Kuypers bruised
Liam Spencer All too Common
Edward Michael O’Durr Supranowicz None Of It Makes Sense art
Justin Hunter Shotgun Signs
Janet Kuypers gone
Dennis Vannatta Up Against the Wall, Millennial Females:
The Changing Fashion in TV Sex
Ruy Arango A Manageable Condition
Eleanor Leonne Bennett imageedit_3_2305630568 art
Tyler Wolfe Sunday School
Kyle Hemmings City of God art
Janet Kuypers behind
Mary Claire Garcia A Story of Living in Dying
Janet Kuypers relegated
Wes Heine Torn Angel art
Lisa Gray A Chip on the Old Block
Gregg Dotoli haiku (shadows)
Fabrice Poussin The Patriarch art
Carlynn Winters Apples
Edward Michael O’Durr Supranowicz It Is A Long Way Home art
Kait Gilleran Diving into Dark
Janet Kuypers jumped
Roger G. Singer Ancient Colors
Michael Constantine McConnell Forgetting How to Walk
David Russell Blotches art
Marilyn Flower Daughter
Graduation Day
Brian Schulz Wishes
George W. Clever Sundance on a Nike Silo poem and photo)
Jed Herne Another Unmarked Grave
Cassondra Windwalker Breakfast Meeting
Little Sister
Sue Granzella Who I Am
Joseph Farley No Juice
Robert Fabre He Gazes From Above
Bill Chuang Deep into the Woods
Grace Michel What Truly Matters
Janet Kuypers oceans
Amber Shoemake-Doughty Hitchhiked
Janet Kuypers Marilyn Monroe Falling Through the Cracks


Random Thoughts, Down in the Dirt May - August collection book - book front cover