the Scars Publications site has won

Well, yeah, we have won over 200 awards. A lot of sites have taken a lot of time to view our web pages and we really appreciate their attention. We have set this page up to randomly produce fifteen to twenty of the awards we have so that you can see them. You can load this page any time, over and over, to have this page randomly produce more images of awards we have won.

Some of these awards even make references to urls of Scars that are older - like from America Online, or - because we have been around for a while and have been getting awards for a while! (And please also keep in mind that this page is always under construction. Actually, we've just updated this page recently too, and there may be awards that don't come through right away. Please do forgive us...)

If you want to see more, refresh your screen or stop by again.

Copyright Scars Publications and Design, Children Churches and Daddies, and Janet Kuypers. All rights reserved. Some of these files were from joke web sites, some of these icons were generated by scars, and some of these have not been earned. however, the vast majority of these award icons are from awards received.

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