the 2004 art book by Janet Kuypers
photography, drawings, computer-generated art and paintings
art from 1976-2004

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Because this is an art book and is so image intensive, ther are only links for PDF files for this 2004 art book.

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Exaro Versus

This book was donated to Laurie Anderson 10/01/04 in Urbana, Illinois during the End of the Moon concert series.

This book was also donated to Jerry Springer before show taping in Chicago 05/04/09 (after receiving the book he even joked and said “Co-Ed pictures...”, but thanked Kuypers again for the book.

A Copy was even given to William Peterson (star as “Gil Grissom” and executive producer of CBS-TV’s “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”) at the Steppenwolf Theatre in Chicago 11/08/08 after his performance as John in Dublin Carol.