the Cana-Dixie Chi-town Union “the Cana-Dixie Chi-town Union” is a collection of Janet Kuypers poetry read with C Ra McGuirt (of Penny Dreadful Press, previously living in Kentucky but now living in Alberta Canada) when they read and filmed poetry together in 2008 and 2009 in both Nashville and Chicago. It contains new poetry, but also poetry from Janet Kuypers that she had never read before to a camera (making this a very unique collection, because Janet Kuypers reads a lot of her poetry at both performance arts shows she holds and also at the Chicago weekly poetry open mic at the Cafe that she hosts). Grab a copy today!

the Cana-Dixie Chi-town Union is now on sale:

as a paperback 6"x9" ISBN# book
(or e-book/PDF file download)

and also available with a 2nd ISBN number as a’s createspace book...