uncorrect order ISBN# book      uncorrect is a 2010 6" x 9" ISBN# book of Janet Kuypers’ poetry based on a chapbook of poetry read in the 2007 poetry show in Lake County Illinois, but there are also three additional 1990s Janet Kuypers chapbooks: “Content With Too Much Light”, “Politics and Violence”, and “Somebody Say Something”. There is short prose as well as an extended variety of types of poetry in this collection (with a polka-dot cover, design taken from the actual t-shirt Kuypers wore while performing her “uncorrect” show). Classic pieces are in this collection, and this book is a must-have for those looking for a short volume of writing from Janet Kuypers. So grab a copy today!

     uncorrect is now on sale:

as a paperback 6"x9" ISBN# book