Partial Nudity, Kuypers 2014 poetry collection book Partial Nudity... Enjoy the 2014 massive poetry book from Janet Kuypers, because this poetry collection by Janet Kuypers contains her select shorter poetry written from 2004-2014... This book contains “twitter-length”l poems, over 100 haiku poems, and tons of very short poems. At 286 pages (with haiku poems and twitter-length poems often published with two or three per page, that’s how much poetry is in this book!), this book seems to contain poetry concerning seemingly every subject under the sun (including material from past performance art shows too). There are also listings with poems of YouTube video links from past readings. This book truly is a one of a kind, so pick up a copy of this 6" x 9" full bleed ISBN# (with the Scars Publications personal ISBN collection, no less) poetry book!

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