the 2012 datebook the 2012 little spiral datebook The 2012 Datebook (and the 2012 little spiral datebook) is a 2012 datebook with poetry from Janet Kuypers from Scars Publications... A poem appears on the left-hand page, and on the right-hand page lists a week in the 2012 calendar year (with lots of room for adding your own notes). The 2012 little spiral datebook is a spiral-bound ISSN# edition (which can open easily forwriting notes about future events), and the 2012 Datebook is the exact same book as a perfect-bound paperback book, with an ISBN#. Click the cover of the book or the title of the book in this paragraph for a web page of listings of poems & writers in this book, or follow the links below to order a copy of the 2012 Datebook or the the 2012 little spiral datebook!

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