Under the Sea (photo book)

Under the Sea (photo book), Kuypers 2013 poem photo book Enjoy the 2013 poem & photography book based on Janet Kuypers’ 1st poem she ever wrote (a children’s rhyming poem, no less), that is mixed with her photography of her swimming underwater with tropical fishes (and a white-tipped shark!) from the Galapagos Islands, plus her photography of animals from Koi fish to jellyfish to different images of a Sally Lightfoot crab to giant tortoises to dolphins, walruses, sea lions, lion seals - even photos of a sting ray and a sea horse! This full color full bleed photo book based on a poem is the first of it’s kind, so pick up a copy of this 5.06" x 7.81" full bleed full color ISBN# book!

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