Scars Publications released four collection books titled “Bound” in the summer of 2010:

Bound (the cc&d poetry collection book)
Bound (the cc&d prose collection book)
Bound (the Down in the Dirt poetry collection book)
Bound (the Down in the Dirt prose collection book)

Each volume contains the poetry (or prose) from the magazine’s January through June 2010 issues and supplement issues (chapbooks). Artwork from the issues also appears in thiese collection books. For each volume, you can also order this book as either a download, or as a paperback book.
Each volume is also available in two formats (in addition to ordering the download/PDF file): each volume is available not only as a digest (5.5" x 8.5") paperback book with the magazne’s ISSN number, but also as an 8.5" x 11" paperback book with an ISBN number.

(the cc&d poetry collection book)

5.5" x 8.5" paperback ISSN# book:
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8.5" x 11" paperback ISBN# book

Bound: Down in the Dirt 2010 poetry

below is a listing of the accepted writers and titles (of writing or artwork) in this collection.

Bound (the cc&d poetry collection):

Newamba Shooting Midgets from a
Catapult and Watching Our
Teacher Tap Dance Nude
Edic Obame Then Again
Adriana DeCastro art My Cross My Sacrifice
Richard King Perkins II Roadside Cross
Mel Waldman The N Word
Eric Bonholtzer art untitled
Paul Pikutis “On Tattoos” by a tattooist
CEE Not a Roman Left
When Taxes Supercede Death
Everybody’s in the Terrible Twos
Je’free Cage of Crows Anew
Michael Ceraolo Cleveland Cinquain (2 poems)
the HA!man of South Africa art playfield
Tendai R Mwanaka Milk With Marvin, My Cat
Colin Gilbert Extra Credit
Joel McGregor art untitled
Kevin John Dail The Rapacity of Avarice
Joshua Copeland Escalators and Vertigo
Nick Brazinsky art Minimal Haze
Diane Fleming Phobias Begin When I Get Married
David Lawrence Foot Fetish
Julie Kovacs Romancing the Babies
Holly Day In My Defense
R. N. Taber Nightmare on Main Street
Adrienne Sass Paek A Watery End
Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal Sea in my Eyes
Janet Kuypers Floating Away with the Tide
How You Know When You’re the Wrong Height
Faith Comes Only
Kenneth DiMaggio Poem from the Spaghetti Scrapbooks (Angie)
Sonya Feher Trying to be Beautiful
Janet Kuypers Have You Ever Had
Happy New Year, Janet
The First Death of the New Millennium
helping men in public places
Don’t Go To Denny’s
Don’t Forget to Write
Before Taking Over the Controls
Like I Was Never There
John T. Hitchner What Flesh?
Only Ordinary Children
Hard Love
Not Far From Here
Killing the Silence
On Being Told, “Your poem does not engage the reader.”
Only Hope
Between Times
In an Airport Waiting Room
Too Late
“I don’t live here.”
Days Ago, Tomorrow
CEE One Hitler, Two Potatoe
Rio Shout Out
Je’free Asphalt
Diane Fleming She Doesn’t Eat Eggs
David Lawrence The Driver’s Test
Holly Day Tuesday
Eric Bonholtzer art untitled
R. N. Taber The Usual Suspects
Kevin John Dail Co-existence
Apollo’s Legacy
Paul Pikutis Wilkes-Barre Writings
Adrienne Sass Paek Wait
Mark Graham art Boys Go Hunting
Michael Ceraolo Cleveland Cinquain
Eric Obame The Relationship of Space 2
Janet Kuypers My Future Job Options
James J. Dye humanity buries bodies
Sonya Feher My First Girl Love
Junior McLean art The Queens Royal Carpet
Changming Yuan Getting Newly Old
Nathan Wellman How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Indifference
Greg Moglia Buttons
Chris Butler OCD
Peter Schwartz art Electrotherapy
Kevin John Dail Indignation
Frustration Dreams
Je’free Kill the Demon
Eric Obame Rainbow
Jay Marvin art Garden Grove 65
David Lawrence Beards are Out of Style
Nick Brazinsky art ain’t nobody home
Janet Kuypers Our Couple In Love
menu poem
Nathan Wellman Hills of my Childhood
Eric Bonholtzer art untitled
Greg Moglia Sacred and Profane image untitled
Chris Butler Youth in Asia
Julia O’Donovan Amnesia, In A Sense
CEE Rappin’ Pentagon (the Joint Chiefs do Joints)
My Patriotic Essay (What Do I Win?)
Cherese Eudlyn Nelson Jump Rope
Paul Baker art ̴acord 1b̵ and ̴acord 2b again̵
Amber Rothrock Pen To Paper
I.B. Rad It was bound to happen
Rose E. Grier art a Hair Magnified
Robert Lawrence Haiku (sky)
Tracy M. Rogers art Clouds 15
Elizabeth De Sa Slave Rebellion
Mark Graham art Untitled Work Ninteen
Benjamin C. Krause Snapshot of an All-Nighter
the HA!man of South Africa art ghf
Chris Butler Morning Wood
Token Shakespearean Sonnet
Love Sick
Dry Vagina
Flowers are for Pansies
In Vein
I’m Sorry
Je’free Garment District
Greg Moglia Settling
Robert Lawrence Haiku (wind)
Eric Bonholtzer art 2 untitled images
Amber Rothrock Dear Conscience
Christine Sorich art NYC
Janet Kuypers More Believable That Way
CJ Wilson Darwin & Jesus
Peter Schwartz art Suicide is Murder
Paul Handley Flat Out
Derek Richards guilty among my roses
Michael Ceraolo from Book of Corporate Prayer
Peter Bates art World’s Largest
CEE Doomed to Repeating Rifles
the Warhol Exhibit (God)
Josh Oldham The Last Chapter
the HA!man of South Africa art It Says Nothing
Maya Gurarie They Left Because
Sarah Ahmad No Man
Mark Graham art “Ready Aim and Shoot” and “Stop It”
Charlie Newman Jobbed
John Yotko photography photograph of Charlie Newman
Chris Butler Reader Friendly
Poetry is my Fetus
I Wrote This Poem Whilst I Was Sitting on the Toilet
Yellow Snow
I Got Blisters on my Brain!
Only Dead Poets Are Famous
The Last Poem I’ll Ever Write
Only Publish This Poem When I’m Dead
Burn This Book
CEE the Moon
Lending library, Saturday, July
Turning Denial Red With Blood
I believe in a tiny, little elf, about *this big*
My sociologist friend, in the midst of the Allness of God
Inventory Control (Fearless Revisionism)
Drunks are bears; they ain’t wolves
I Am Sober! I Am Perfect! (ERROR?? ERROR??)
Sam, you made the shortcomings too obvious
Makin’ a crying towel, Checkin’ it twice...!
By the 18th Amends (Repeal Your Mind!)
Ah-HAAH-HAA...! So SAD!!
“What shirt should I wear, Lord?”
I Found It (happy hour, ruined)
ACHTUNG!! (Bar towel bootstrap)
I Feel Led That God Says You’re Wrong
(...or smoking, Thank You, Larry Hagman) or, “Just Sit There”
I Dibs the Group Who Just Whine and Keep Drinking
I Saw a Cartoon of Billy Sunday
That Was Like That
Patent Pending #61855214
“Flower?...Oh, would you take a brochure, please?...”
Like the Guardian Angels?
Hiring committees to study the situation
Keep Up The Good Racism
(except for Bill W.)
Well, that explains Richard Lewis’ book
Lending library, later that same day
Sarah Ahmad In you OUT! (The infantile years 1)
with O ahem (The infantile years 2)
The Boy in the Box
Peer pressure. First time.
Radiance in Nothing
Grey is a colour
Genetic Descent
Good days. Blinded.
Impoverished hope
Belated life
Janet Kuypers New to Chicago
Last Before Extinction
the State of the Nation
Writing Your Name
I’m Thinking About Myself Too Much
Seasons 1998
Finding Faith in a Grocery Store
Changing Garments
how I imagine you
Scars 1997
The Bridge To New Orleans
Each Morning
Being God
Counting Bodies
Peter Magliocco Phalanx Memory
Intemperate Liaison
Retrograde Albatross
Solvent Suns
Long Shadows & Dust (without a hangover)
Phallic Christening
in line at the matinee
ornaments of hooded desire
Myopic Vistas
They Dance Like Children Now
Duet for Cannibals
with Susan Sontag
under the swine flue freeway
Danse Macabre Video Game
Noid (in the Void)
Powder Burn Baby
Circus Love Fuse Void
The River Crossing
megabyte mnemonics
Woman of Digital Blues
Visions by Lady Clairol
No Place for the Homeless
While Contemplating a Painting of Napoleon in the Louvre
Prayers in Stone
House of Earth (in a Nutshell)
For Creation’s Sake
androgynous arthropods
Amber Rothrock Requiem
Greg Moglia Too Much Room
Derek Richards table of discontent
Üzeyir Lokman ÇAYCI art DESEN258 KUCUK
Je’free Cosmic Portals image Space War
Paul Handley Right Place
CEE Political Science, Martial Practice
Mark Graham art Sticks and Stones
Janet Kuypers All I Can Capture
Charlie Newman [I need] words
David Thompson art Summer 2007 #458
Michael Ceraolo On What Constitutes a Crowd and How to Describe It
Jay Marvin painting National Debt
Dina Stuart The Mess
Paul Baker art car untitled 3 again
Ralph Hamilton Dark Matter
Peter Bates art Caution
John Hartness Change
Christine Sorich art Chicago
Irene Ferraro White Moth
Brian Hosey art Scene 2
Janet Kuypers Out of my Element
How He Failed
Drinking Their Life Away
labeled me again
prefer things soft
Became a Jungle
Now I’m strong
Spit Me Out
Painted Buddhas
Swallowing Sand & Pebbles
Mike Berger, Ph.D. Abandoned
Fair Haired Boy
Flower Child
The Belt
Run Away
Sinister Specters
Suburban Wife
Swamp Nymph
Ugly Men
Death of a Delinquent
The Sniper
CEE I’ll Stick With The Civil War One
What I Would Have Been, 1968
Je’free Friction
Jay Marvin painting Pattern Recognition
Derek Richards a clown of stardust, aging
Charlie Newman W o G
Henry Sosnowski Wrong Reflection
Janet Kuypers Loving Four
Passed Away
Xanadu (Ofmuhammadfame) Poem from A Mosque
the HA!man of South Africa art Search
R. N. Taber Where No Bells Toll
Üzeyir Lokman ÇAYCI art ART447 F4F KUC
Erica Hegenderfer Marilyn
Rose E. Grier art Mom’s Girl
kalifornia The Price
Tray Drumhann art Reverb
Jeff Wyman At the Gym
Nick Brazinsky art and So it Goes
Matthew Czerwinski For Work
Paul Baker art untitled
Janet Kuypers i’m really going this time
precinct fourteen
my love for you will stay the same (song)
Keep Them Apart
Only For One Night
Got on the Road Again
What We Need in Life (song)

Bound: Down in the Dirt 2010 poetry

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Bound: Down in the Dirt 2010 poetry

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