Scars Publications released four collection books titled “Bound” in the summer of 2010:

Bound (the cc&d poetry collection book)
Bound (the cc&d prose collection book)
Bound (the Down in the Dirt poetry collection book)
Bound (the Down in the Dirt prose collection book)

Each volume contains the poetry (or prose) from the magazine’s January through June 2010 issues and supplement issues (chapbooks). Artwork from the issues also appears in thiese collection books. For each volume, you can also order this book as either a download, or as a paperback book.
Each volume is also available in two formats (in addition to ordering the download/PDF file): each volume is available not only as a digest (5.5" x 8.5") paperback book with the magazne’s ISSN number, but also as an 8.5" x 11" paperback book with an ISBN number.

(the cc&d prose collection book)

5.5" x 8.5" paperback ISSN# book

8.5" x 11" paperback ISBN# book

Bound: cc&d 2010 prose

below is a listing of the accepted writers and titles (of writing or artwork) in this collection.

Bound (the cc&d prose collection):

Heather Rae Nelson Duality
Üzeyir Lokman ÇAYCI art ART 446 BR KUC
Ronald Brunsky Talk is Cheap
Edward Michael O’Durr Supranowicz art Hammered
Ernest Dean Smash it up
Paul Baker art DSCN1330
Julia O’Donovan Holmes Beach
Aaron Wilder art Portrait of the Artist at Home
J. Rollins Hughes A Dose of Mistaken Identity
Jay Marvin art GPS
Fred Venturini Strings
K. Agnihotri The Black Morning
C. Patrick Murphy Halloween in Fulton River
Kelsey Noble Bens
Cheryl Townsend art Steps and Windows
Ronald Brunsky Harrigan, That’s Me
Rufus Ryan Trippin in Tijuana
the HA!man of Soth Africa art Doggie
Mel Waldman Harry’s Bar
Sarah Enelow The Genre-Defying Art Experience
R.L. Ugolini Kendall
Ian Bowman What Next, Buck?
Jay Marvin art 17th Street
Justus E. Taylor Con Vocation
N.E. Payne Bare Feet
Kimberly J. Jones The Bracelet
C. Bryan Brown Pale Deaths
Ronald Brunsky The Devil’s Realm
Mel Waldman Monolith
Lydia Conklin Last Stall
Jim Meirose Four: The Joke
Maria D'Alessandro Capable of Cruelty
Ed Kearns My Weakness
Elaheh Steinke IWIHKY Disorder
Michael Grigsby Continuum
David Van Horn Just a Statistic
Myke Edwards Incision, Inc.
Ronald Brunsky If I Should Die Before I Wake
Mel Waldman Paranoia
Julia O’Donovan Kristy
Jon W. Minsloff Fortunate
Amber Foster Somewhere Between Flores and El Remate
Bob Strother Sniper
C. P. Jones GoodEats
Junior McLean art Glass Figure YUNA
Hudson Kerr The Mishap
William Locke Hauser Oxygen
Kaye Branch End Point
David Thompson art Summer 2007 #113
Dan Lewandowski GENESIS 4
Ronald Brunsky Vegetarians Die but Once
Mel Waldman Dark Zone
Jon W. Minsloff Geronimo
Myra Sherman Promises
Simon Anthony Prunty Rumours of Paradise
Lia Mastropolo Nuptial
Eric Bonholtzer Hooked
Tom Pritchard Obstruction of Autumn Sky
Patrick T. Luce The Hounds
Thomas Sullivan Mine Good, Yours Bad
Jennifer Marie Theresa Spencer Tragedy in the Stars
Mel Waldman Secret Haven
Voodoo Curse
Ronald Brunsky Bottom Line
Jennifer Marie Theresa Spencer From Thames to Lethe
Robert Hynes Absolution
Danny Rider The Bedtime Story
Valor Brown How to be a Battered Woman
John Duncklee The Adventures of Burton and Bernice
Dina Hendawi-Coppes No Matter Moses or Mohamed
Rufus Ryan A Trip with Strangers
Jim Meirose She Always Truly Loved Him

Bound: cc&d 2010 prose

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Bound: cc&d 2010 prose

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