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    The cc&d images displayed in the cc&d art collection are done by Rose E. Grier, Dr. Deborah FerBer, Ami Tuft, Cindy Duhe, Veronica Archer, Kitty Kat, Ariane Livernois, Jack Harrison, David Ex, John Yotko, Claire Kuypers, the editors, and other unknown assorted artists.

John Yotko Oz Hardwick Mark Clayton Graham
Rose E. Grier
older artwork
Rose E. Grier
new artwork
NASA’s Hubble
Telescope images
Mike Hovancsek Cheryl Townsend Edward Michael O’Durr Supranowicz
Stephen Mead Melissa Reid Tracy M. Rogers
Janet Kuypers I. B. Rad Nicole Aimiee Macaluso
Aaron Wilder Aaron Wilder’s
Le Monde
Aaron Wilder’s
Linoleum Block Prints
Peter LaBerge Tray Drumhann Üzeyir Lokman ÇAYCI

Agrigento Images
Classic Greek ruins, preserved in Cicily, Italy, 5/19/03.

Amsterdam Images
The Netherlands, 5/22/03.

See animals of everything from elephants and giraffes to leopards and lions, see walrus or camel images, check out monkeys, snakes and bats, bears (even polar bears), rams, bison, and even a few shots of resting kangaroo, from 5/31/03.

Arecibo Observatory
Refreshing (12/18/03 Puerto Rico) Images

Arlington National Cemetary 8/26/04

Austria Images
May 2003

Berlin, Germany Images
May 2006

Bruxelles Images
Belgium architecture, 5/21/03.

Chicago and Venetian Night
Refreshing John Hancock and boating Images, 08/02/03

Confucius Temple,

Copenhagen, Denmark
June 2006

Dachau, Germany
Images 5/15/03, of the longest-lasting World War II concentration camp.

The White Cliffs of Dover (England)
May and June, 2006

2003 Fireworks Images
Refreshing images of the 2003 fireworks in America.

The Forbidden City,
Beijing, 03/10/04

the Galapagos Islands:

the Charles Darwin Research Station,
on Santa Cruz Island

Punta Cormorant, on Floreana Island 12/26/07

the Highlands, at Santa Cruz Island 12/27/07

Santa Fe Island 12/24/07

Punta Suarez, at Española Island 12/25/07

Gardner Bay, at Española Island 12/25/07

Las Bachas Beach, at Baltra Island 12/24/07

Darwin Bay, on Genevesa Island 12/29/07

Bartolome Island 12/28/07

James Bay, on Santiago Island 12/28/07

North Seymour Island 12/24/07

Black Turtle Cove, and Quito Volcanoes 12/30/07

Post Office Bay, at Floreana Island 12/26/07

Pennsylvania 8/25/04

the Great Wall of China
Beijing, 03/11/04

the Gulf of Finland
May 2006

the Jade Buddha,

Luxembourg Images, 5/23/03
Milwaukee Art Gallery Images
- a Refreshing08/02/03 display

Motorcycle Images

Old San Juan Images
(Refreshing images, Puerto Rico December 16 2003)

Paris Images
French Architecture & sights, 5/21/03.

Pompeii Ruins Images
Pompeii destruction, Italy, 5/18/03.

Puerto Rico Tropical RainForest Images
(Refreshing images, December 16 2003)

Puerto Rico Images from 3 dry forests
(Refreshing images, December 17 2003)

Rome, Italy
Rome, including the Coloseum, May 2003.

St. Petersburg, Russia
May 2006

Shanghai Architecture

Stockholm, Sweden
May 2006

The Summer Palace,
Beijing, 03/11/04

Tallinn, Estonia
May 2006

The Temple of Heaven,
Beijing, 03/10/04

Tiananmen Square,
Beijing, 03/10/04

Venice Images
Italy; buildings & gondolas, 5/17/03.

Washington DC Images
Refreshing images 10/23/03 of monuments, the White House, the Capitol Building, Iwo Jima, Arlington National Cemetery and more.

Zurich Images
Switzerland pictures, 5/24/03.

Artwork from past Performance Art shows

Changing Gears show
images from live display show in Chicago 06/18/03 about travel around the United States

Images designed for the 04/01/05 Chicago Art Gallery Show
conflict • contact • control
the feature reading of poetry at the DvA art gallery in Chicago on April 1, 2005.

The Cycle of Life show
images from live art gallery display show in Chicago 09/06/03

Death comes in Threes show
images of recovering from a near fatal car accident from live display show in Chicago 03/17/03

Death comes in Threes show two
images from live display show in Chicago 03/17/03

the Dreams 02/03/04 live Chicago show
a web page of all of the projected art images in the show

A Night of Firsts
a web page of all of the projected art images in the a 6/22/04 show of 3 poems & 3 songs

How Do I Get There?
show 02/15/05 images

The Other Side
web images from a 10/21/05 show

Questions in a World Without Answers
images from a 10/05/04 performance art show

Random Art
Random art images from an art gallery live display show in Chicago for The Cycle of Life, 09/06/03

Side A/Side B Images
a series of images that were used during the readings in the show December 9 2003

Six One One show
images from live display show in Chicago 06/11/02

Stop. Look. Listen.
images from a 9/10/02 live performance about love in Chicago.

images from a 6/07/05 more political live performance art show in Chicago.

J. Kuypers artwork collected from the 1990s
J. Kuypers artwork collected in 2000
J. Kuypers artwork collected in 2001
J. Kuypers artwork collected in 2002
J. Kuypers artwork collected in 2003
Kuypers’ ‘03 Refreshing Art Show
J. Kuypers artwork collected in 2004
J. Kuypers artwork collected in 2005
J. Kuypers artwork collected in 2006


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