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14 - 25 December 2002

Some of the latest Christmas cards, seasonal cartoons, songs and comments lead to believe that people are increasingly aware of the fact that culinary Christmas traditions actually mean a peak in meat consumption: Housewives and chefs prepare an enormous amount of food, most of which consists of meat from a large variety of sacrificed animals.

The European Vegetarian Union is very aware of this problem and therefore wants to promote a light Christmas. After all, vegetarian feasts not only save animals but are at the same time beneficial for human health.

Our two menu suggestions (an easy and a more elaborate one) are specially developed to whet appetites for culinary changes. The recipes come as a package, including photos, shopping lists and easy step-by-step recommendations for preparation (please see the EVU website under http://www.european-vegetarian.org/christmas.0.html )

Unfortunately these recipes are only available in German, French and English but we would be happy if volunteers could translate them into other languages as well.

Of course, an international organisation like the EVU, with activities in more than thirty countries, does not have the possibility to organise dinners, events or demonstrations. However, we can propose a scheme consisting of a series of ideas, which are given below. Hopefully many of our members, organisations as well as individuals, adopt one or several of these suggestions and/or develop their own, which are perhaps more suitable for their locality. All the different projects will then be compiled on our EVU website.

Please participate in our scheme Christmas Compassion, let live - feast veggie. Create interest for it in your community. Help us to turn this campaign into a regular end-of-the-year event. Let us all work towards a compassionate Christmas - for human and non-human animals alike.

Thank you for your support.

Your EVU Christmas Compassion Team



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