ways women hurt themselves to make themselves beautiful

a list from Janet Kuypers

long hair
    hair brushes
    hair dryers
    hot rollers
    curling irons
    crimping irons
    flat irons
    hair coloring
    hair clips, barrettes, banana clips
    rubber bands
    hair spray
    hair gel
    hair mousse
    hot oil conditioning treatments
tweeze their eyebrows
remove via electrolysis a moustache
washing the face
    astringent, toner
    moisturizing creme
    wrinkle treatments
    touch-up stick
    lip liner
    eye shadow (up to four shades)
    eye liner
    eye brow pencil
    eyelash curler
    eyelash brush
    eyebrow brush
growing fingernails
    pushing back cuticles
    applying cremes, lotions
    painting nails
applying fake fingernails
    press-on plastic nails
    powder-and-chemical sculpted nails
    gel and ultra-violet light hardened nails
painting and manicuring toe nails
    at neck
    at wrists
    at backs of elbows
    at knees
    at ankles
underarm deodorant
feminine deodorant
shaving hair on the legs
shaving hair at the bikini line
    via a razor
    via hot wax
    via electrolysis
    via tweezers
    via rotating coils
tanning creme
hand creme
elbow and knee lotions
foot cremes
    clip on
    pierced (putting holes in your ears and hanging metal from them)
    ankle bracelets
    decorative panties
    short or tight-fitting dresses
    tight-fitting tops, sleeveless tops, strapless tops
    tight-fitting pants, tight-fitting shorts, tight-fitting skirts
    short shorts, short skirts
    cinched belts
    garter belts, garters
    panty hose
    heels, pumps, shoes with pointed toes



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