marry me... whatever you are

I have gay friends who considered leaving this country
because George Bush was re-elected

hits to Canada’s web sites for immigration skyrocketed
after the election results came in

and I thought, hey, a president may have some problems,
but that’s no reason to desert your home

but they were sure after this election that
same-sex partner rights would never be granted to them

I mean, when one person is ill and in the hospital
the other has no rights to be there for them

and I thought, if Bush was trying to appeal to a vast majority
of people, he’d be good for everyone, right?

I even heard Bush say that rights should be given to
same-sex partners, even if they don’t call it 'marriage'

and I thought, well, it might sound rude, buy he’s gotta
respect the red-neck back-ass country folk in this country too

and they only believe in man and woman marriages
while screwing the animals at the farm

but at least he was going to give same-sex couples rights,
that’s a good sign, isn’t it?

but then I heard that Republicans want to make a
constitutional amendment defining marriage

they wanted to define something that is not the
governemtn’s business

(then again, they make enough laws now that overstep
the bounds of any rational government already)

Then fourteen states made laws defining marriage
as only between a man and a woman

okay, I’m beginning to see why some of my friends
are worried



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