The mysterious Bible codes-the foundation of Yacov Rambsel's work. Many years of research have resulted in the most astonishing discoveries in 2000 years. Without the aid of modern computers,Yacov has found and verified thousands of insights hidden just beneath the surface of the Hebrew Scriptures. His most significant discovery is finding the name of Jesus (Yeshua) encoded in many familiar Old Testament passages beginning in Genesis. Messages on everyday life is overwhelming evidence that God inspired the human authors of the Hebrew Scriptures to write the text in a very precise pattern of letters to convey His truths to humankind.

The code technique known as "equidistant-letter sequence" (ELS) is the one he most frequently uses.In addition,he has found fascinating insights at equidistant-word sequences in which the first letter of a series of words,spaced at equal intervals (i.e.,every tenth word), reveals significant Hebrew words.Yet another technique involves examining the Hebrew letters by using sequential progression (1,2,3,4) and sequential digression (4,3,2,1).

Come with us as we probe the Hebrew language and its amazing depths.Explore with us its mathematical complexity of√' prophetic insights describing√' in precise detail persons and events,past,present and, future.

Yacov can teach you just enough Biblical Hebrew with its transliteration (phonetics) and the english translation for the appropriate words or phrase with the Hebrew aleph-bet to deepen your understanding√' of this wonderful language.√'



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