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I needed to find a way to reconcile my disagreements and, at times, loathing for this male-based religion that typically degrades women and perpetuates an intolerant view of humanity. I found that in your book. I can live with the idea that the mythical god-man and his teachings can show any human how to live a better life. I constantly remind myself while in Church that the information is not literal, and should be embraced as a general concept. Thank you.
i recently re-read the jesus mysteries and as a lapsed roman catholic with a quest for knowledge found the book fascinating.
i'm on page 181 and it is the best peice of literiture that conforms to my way of the world/creation i have ever read!! cheers for the reason to believe!
Thank you for writing this book. I don't think there will ever be peace on earth until people investigate the true Gnosis and not just blindly accept the literalist interpretation of spiritual matters. I am definately looking forward to reading your next book. Just remember, there are millions of people who are asking these same questions. Thanks for assisting us in our quest
The Jesus Mysteries was the best book we've ever bought. Looking forward to your new one!
To Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy, if there is any possible way of their getting this small message: Thank you. Know, if nothing else, that at least one person got the message from the Jesus Mysteries. Peace.
The Jesus Mysteries is an excellent book and puts Christianity in its proper > perspective. It also shows the emptiness of a religion that has no inner > mysteries/teachings. I look forward to seeing more research from you.
Heretic..........or Hear-a-tick............. Have you surrendered to that place of silence between the beats of the heart? It is my experience that that is precisely where we are at home. That deafening stillness where thoughts become wingedly felt ... soaring inward...oceanic residence. Your quest-ions are integral stepping stones for conscious generations to tread, lightly, reverently ... the soul of the earth...In the faces of those we meet-reflections of past, present and future emerge...who were we? Who are we? what shall we become? I carry the mystery as best I can... Thank you for carrying yours.
As a Born-again Christian, I would like to thank the authors for emancipating me from spiritual slavery. I have long battled those who would add injunctions of legalism to the tenets of scripture; I am now convinced that my salvation was simply my initiation into the Inner Mysteries. If I have thought that I was a pariah before, well, just wait until I introduce this book to my friends and family! I consider this book to be the finest work of the past 21 centuries.
I am glad you are coming out with this information that Christians need to face and examine. At the very least, it should shake them out of their need to convert everyone to their way of thinking. However, one concern must be voiced: You need to stop repeating the age-old canard about the Jewish God of justice vs. the Christian God of love. This is ancient, anti-Judaic nonsense and does not belong in a serious work on the subject of the roots of Christianity.
As America's Best Christian, I read your book, believing only the parts that didn't contradict what I have otherwise memorized. As such, it was a rather quick read. As I have told countless people who turn to me daily for my sage and compassionate advice (even to those quite deservedly going straight to Hell): an open mind is the Devil's playground.
So close to Jesus, He validates my parking,
Mrs. Betty Bowers
America's Best Christiant Christian
First, I have to commend you two, Mr. Freke and Mr. Gandy, for the magnificent book The Jesus Mysteries: Was The Original Jesus a Pagan God. The book gives us a lot of insight about the real truth of Jesus story, which as you research pointed out, is a myth.
Firstly congratulations to yourself and Peter on truly insightful and >> ground-breaking book. I have read it twice already! It has though brought >> more questions to my mind, something I hope was your intention. >> Keep up the good work.
Firstly I'd like to say how much I enjoyed your book. I know you must receive such bland statements all the time but for someone like myself whose interest goes further than mere curiosity such a book can be truly life changing.
hello there great book great footnotes.
I am 40 years old and have been on a journey out of Christian fundamentalism > for 20 years. It has been a slow and painful journey. Last year, I began to > voraciously study church history. I came upon a fascinating book called > When Jesus Became God, by Richard Rubenstein. It is a history of the Arian > Affair and Constantine's consolidation of power through the influence of the > literalist church. This book prepared me for your book. > > I have always been somewhat mystical. In my Pentecostal church, many > considered me to be prophetic in my youth. But the us versus them > mentality of the church was never something I could embrace. My wonderful > wife and I decided last year to begin to question everything. The result has > been a resurgence of faith. Yet we have stopped attending church and begun > to explore other religious traditions. > > Your book brought all the pieces together for me. Had I read it two or three > years ago, I might have dismissed it as a work of Satan. But my study laid > the groundwork to receive your book with great joy. Reading the Jesus > Mysteries has propelled me years into the future on my spiritual journey. I > thank you for having the courage and insight to discover the > obvious. And thank you for being willing to publish your radical findings. > Truly the truth has set me free.
I am a part of a small study group which has just finished reading and studying your book, THE JESUS MYSTERIES. There are as many opinions about your thesis as grouop members. I find it compatible with many of my views on what is really important in my spiritual journey, as I long since had recognized the probable derivation of most of the historical events.
I am an American reader of your book, The Jesus Mysteries. I must say that it was a wonderful book and it confirmed my suspicions on the origins of Jesus.
I am reading your book, The Jesus Mysteries, and find it very fascinating. I've looked for material like this for a long time and am very glad that I was able to find your book. I find it totally absorbing, and will problably read it again when I finish it.
I enjoyed, and in fact, was gripped by your book. The writing and the scholarship are compelling.
I guess after 2000 - some years, we are expected to believe that you are the only ones smart enough to have figured out that Jesus is but a tooth-fairy story? Of course the summary I just read is totally inadequate to making a logical case - I'm sure I'd have to read your book. Your contention that most thinking people would, of course, acknowledge that the Adam and Eve story was poppycock is unbelievably pretentious. I am a thinking, rational person and I have no reason to believe that this wasn't the case. The scientific community, in it's arrogance, certainly has not proven otherwise. But maybe you're one of the many intelligent people who can't see through the inconclusive evidence supporting macro-evolution. I'm glad you've taken the time to research something like this and come to some conclusions. However, you should take care with your observations. Paul, for example, did write about a personal Jesus - please do your homework on that. Gnosticism is discussed in the New Testament, which most thinking scholars believe was written within the first century. I hope you continue to research this, because I believe that thorough examination will lead you to belief in God and in Jesus as a Mangod.
I just finished reading The Jesus Mysteries (US edition). Over all, I must say it was enlightening. I never accepted a historical Jesus, but despite reading widely on the subject, could not pin down why the Jesus story should have been invented. Now I know the truth, and for that, I thank you. Reading your book also has given me a mini-introductory course in Classics, a subject which has long fascinated me, and in which I see the underpinnings of Western Civilization.
I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed the book. It was actually a > Christmas gift from a friend of mine. I had been looking for a book like > this for some time, and I hope that you and Peter Gandy will continue your > research. The first time that I remember reading about Pagan/Christian > similarities was while reading the first volume of Will Durant's Story of > Civilization. The book only touched on a few minor points, but did get me > started looking for more info. Your book has given me, and I assume others, > a solid framework which I can use to explore other sources. Thanks!
the information you included in your book was very well planned and mentally organized. but i feel you failed to do proper research with an unbiased mindset. if i set my mind to prove that grass is blue instead of green, then i can scientifically prove in some way that grass is green. so it is when one journeys into a research with a closemindedness approach. i have studied gnosticism and the approach the thinkers of the second century took to Christianity. it has been disproved down through the centuries by many church fathers and leaders. maybe you should look into early church fathers readings more closely and allow yourself to see Jesus in the light that God sent Him to earth in. i will pray for you and ask God to show you the reason His Son was sent to earth to redeem us from death for the sins that we commit. i hope you have a good day and hope to hear from you!
I was in a bookstore the other day just looking around as I always do to see what new books have come in on religion and new age. I happen to look down on the bottom self and there was a book that just caught my eye.It was your book Jesus Mysteries.I have for a long time felt that the New Testament was something more that just a story of one man.I have been looking at and studing on religions since I was 17 years old off and on( I am 30 now).I had come up the same result as you in my studies.Now just let me tell you it has been a long road for me to accept what I had found as you have done.I was rasied Southern Baptist all my life my father also being a minister I found that I was not easy to just think of the New Testament as a teaching myth and not as the truth.People just don't want to hear about it bring a myth.I want to say to you Good Job if we are wanting to return to the true Light they must understand that it is a way to advance themselves to a higher learning.You have put it down in layman's terms so everyone can understand what you are talking about.I will let everyone know about your book so they may also at least hear the other side.May your quest for Light and Knowelage bring you to the understanding what God really wanted us to know.
I'm pleased to have found, during a ritual trip to my favorite book store, a book that spoke volumes to my beliefs. I've been studying non believing approach to Christianity and have found much inner peace from the real truths discovered in the bible's controversy and in world of science. But alas, I have not lost my sense of spiritual being. Your book The Jesus Mysteries seems to combine those elements. And perhaps I may write the book I wish to share to the world regarding these matters. I'm glad I read you book.
Recently I began reading your book and I must say that it is very thought provoking. I look forward to further enlightened ideas about Christianity and its true origins. If only more people could know the real truth they would realize that conspiracy and cover-up is and has been a part of life since Eden. People really have to beware or they will be deceived as many have been. Congratulations on your national best-selling book :-)
Thankyou for your book, I enjoyed reading it very much. I have read a great deal around the subject of the Gospels and the early Christian church and I have to say that most of this material (although interesting) has been largely unconvincing in its conclusions and basic propositions. Your book however, I found to be well researched and far more balanced. While the bottom line remains that none of us will ever know for certain if the real-life historic figure of Jesus actually existed, I think the conclusions that where drawn in your book are plausible. Of course, for many Christians, their participation in an organised religion is not based on a rigourous examiniation of history, but rather it is about emotional and spiritual solace. And for all of its shortcomings, the church offers something that most other institutions do not and can not. Thanks again and I would like very much to hear more from you.
There is certainly too much to say to cover it all here. Let me begin by simply saying that the Holy Bible has not duped anyone. I began years ago to study mysticism, philosophy, and various religions of the world. Just to keep this short, let's just say that I now believe that the Authorized Version, 1611, of the Scriptures (probably better known as the King James Version) is THE TRUTH. Their are many reasons why, but for the sake of saving you all some space I'll just mention one of the main reasons: 1. Prophesy. You are obviously a scholar in the general sense of the word and therefore are willing to dig for truth. You are in a precarious prediciment because you have the task of proving that none of the prophecies in the Old Testament or New T. are true - the problem is that all the available evidence from various sources (archaeology, manuscript evidence, etc.) show that the Biblical accounts have all come about EXACTLY as it was predicted. The book of the Prophet Daniel is a great example in which the rein of Antiochus Epiphanes (B.C. 175-164) and the events surrounding and following his rein are prohesied in great detail. Don't take my word for it, go check it out for yourself. The details are in Daniel Chapter 11:21-31. NO OTHER BOOK IN THE WORLD can lay claim to the accurate and consistent telling of HISTORY IN ADVANCE.



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