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the Dark Side
of Love
the Dark Side of Love, a Mike Berger, Ph.D. chapbook     the Dark Side of Love, a Mike Berger, Ph.D. book But you can also order this as a 6" x 9"
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Lying Little Bitch

Mike Berger, Ph.D.

My nerves are a jangle;
can’t eat and can’t sleep.
Hyper vigilant.
She’s a lying little bitch;
said we would be together

My anger seethes and my
gut wenches. I scream
and throw things. In my
mind I see images of
her giggling as she strips
off her clothes. She doesn’t
bother to take off her rings
when she jumps in bed with
some other guy.

When she comes home,
I’ll be gone. I’ll leave her
high and dry. No goodbye.
I’ll just vanish into the
night. Let her giggle
at that.

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