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A New God

Mike Berger, PhD

A new God now take center stage;
omnipresent and omniscient. The new God
reveals the great mysteries with force. No
quaint superstitions as in the past. It’s
grounded in fact. The new God is science.

Mystery and magic are for the fainthearted
who haven’t the stomach for rigor. Hard nosed
analysis is too demanding. There is no magic
in the full moon. It’s just a big rock. Any magic
comes from wistful, distorted psyches.

The new evangelists hawk their new God, from
the Big Bang to evolution. Rest assured those
who preach the new religion are not scientists
but are preachers of the word..

They proceed with proper vigor and remain
aloof. They manage to neuter the poets
and artists. A painting is just splotches of
pigment on high grade burlap. Poetry but tales
told by idiots. But their reductionism builds ivory
towers out of mud Unfortunately, their findings
are simply modern voodoo depending on how
they beat on their bongo drums.

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