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3 Fragments

CL Bledsoe

People chatter like birds also similarly leave pamphlets about redemption
on my windshield
��from a distance they appear to be parking tickets
so that whenever I see anything religious
��I’m instantly angry

Someone tell me why the wind tastes like
burger king why the rain plops splatters gives the dirt
cellulite We are so stupid we believe what we
��tell us we deserve what’s coming to us They
deserve worse Eat till your heart’s content
��if it ever is send me the recipe

It isn’t so much the smell of traffic as the taste
of asphalt under our tongues when we jump
I’ve noticed no one corrects me when I mention
��that all we need is rev
olving doors (no fibber’s going to get me)

Eat everything on your plate whether hungry or simply
out of greed otherwise we eliminate the disparagement
��between the classes I noticed in my university days
��the dynamic of students’ standing around
in front of each building determined the major
represented by that building for example
the English building was surrounded by smoking
��professors students sucking
up to them boredly discussing cultural happenings

the business building was full of people standing
��in the halls talking If there were only two
people they’d be arranged so as to obstruct
as much traffic flow as possible I’m not saying this
��was on purpose it’s more meaningful
as a coincidence

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