to submit a chapbook manuscript for consideration to Scars Publiacations

    If you are interested in having an electronic chapbook with us, this is what you should do:

contact     Send an e-mail to us, stating that you would like your manuscript considered for a chapbook. List in your letter what you believe would be a good title for your chapbook. Attach to your e-mail to us either a “.txt” file file (though a “.txt” file does not support bolds or italics or special characters like ellipses or long dashes or smart quotes, but if you manuscript doesn’t have that, it’s no problem), an “.rtf” file, or a Microsoft Word “.doc” file or “.docx” file with your manuscript as you would like to see it in the chapbook. If you send it as a Microsoft Word file, in this format each poem (or short story, or section of your submitted chapbook) can be separated by a page (there’s a function for that, instead of having to type in a lot of returns between pieces - though if you can’t find that function, you could still include many spaces between pieces), so we will be able to easily see where breaks belong in your manuscript. Another suggestion to clearly differentiate poems from one another is to put the titles in bold (so the entire line appears in bold), so we can see where titles appear in the manuscript. (Do NOT All-cap titles; if we accept the manuscript we are not going to retype the titles so they are not all-capped, and having all titles all-capped really limits which fonts we can choose from for a good-looking chapbook).

    In this attached file, please include everything you would like to see in your chapbook - which can also include not only your writing, but also (if you want it) a Table of Contents (don’t guess the page numbers after titles with what you’d guess the page would be for it, we would do that if we choose to publish your chapbook), a forward, an introduction, a dedication page, a “previously published in” page, or an acknowledgments page. If you have a title for your chapbook, let us know it, and if you have an image in mind that you want to use for a cover in your chapbook, let us know if that as well. (We usually do design work for accepted covers, but if you have an image you want to us, send it to us and let us know about it). When sending images, keep in mind that the larger the image, the better it is for print quality (as of 2013 we are not doing chapbooks-to-books for people who have had books created from chapbooks accepted by Scars Publications in the past, but for new people submitting manuscripts that may be long enough (probably like 30 pages or more), we may consider releasing the chapbook as a book at a later date, and if so, we would need high resolution images to make book release possible). These are all suggestions of what you could want to have in your chapbook that you would be submitting to us, so you can include them in you attached Microsoft Word file.

    “How big should the chapbook manuscript be?”, you ask. Well we include the cover pages (and any additional contents or dedication pages you include) in the total PDF file e-book page count, chapbooks can be as small as 12 pages, and as large as 40 pages. (A pre-2010 magazine issue from Scars Publications was 40 to 44 pages long.)

    When we receive this, we will go over the materials and make our decision. We will either let you know that we cannot do the chapbook, or we’ll let you know that your chapbook has been accepted and is already on line in the “chapbooks” section of for you to view.

    To recap, you can email your chapbook manuscript to the main offices of Scars Publications for your chapbook manuscript to be considered for on line publication. If you have submitted writing in the past to a literary magazine at Scars Publications and want to submit your chapbooks to a particular magazine (instead of to the main offices at Scars), then instead of sending your submission to the main offices of Scars Publications (as the above links indicate):

You should send your chapbook manuscript either to

cc&d magazine,
or to
Down in the Dirt magazine

    Follow the direction above for submitting your chapbook manuscript to either literary magazine.

    If your chapbook is accepted for publication through either of these editors (instead of through the main offices at Scars Publications), then your accepted chapbook may then also appear in a collection book of 6 months of issues from the magazine.

    Starting in 2011: Whether or not many chapbooks are submitted for consideration by any author, only one chapbook from any author will be released in any year.