use any of these emails

to get through to cc&d magazine

to get though to Down in the Dirt magazine

to get though to Scars Publications
(with any questions about books, chapbooks, contests, or informational questions)

to get though to Janet Kuypers personally
(because she is the editor of both magazines)

stitches for scars

    If you ever have difficulty sending emails to a email address (if your emails to a scars address are returned to you “unmailable” or are rejected for any reason), in these emergencies only, you can contact Janet Kuypers through another address at JanetKuypers at gmail dot com.

    If you were trying to get through to either cc&d magazine or Down in the Dirt magazine, let her know in the email WHICH magazine you were wanted to send you letter or submission to, and ALWAYS explain in the letters to JanetKuypers at gmail dot com that you are using that email address because the email address rejected your letters. We can then go to the Scars Publications email server to add your email address to the email server WHITE LIST, so it would never reject your emails to addresses again.