Crashing Down Nineteenth, by Chris McKinnon fc Crashing Down Nineteenth is the second poetry and prose collection book from Chris McKinnon in 2007 published through Scars Publications. On this page you can see a select few poems from this book, and for a full version of the book, you can order a copy of this eclectic writing collection.

paperback book:

Ann as a mermaid in a hot tub

For beloved ann and sally my sisters

Ann as a mermaid in a hot tub
Sally as a sea turtle

Finish this in fins

Finest love of sea
Salt water taffy return to me

Apple wood you be

Apple wood you be

mine heart hath

in its dismay

That lust
Should thus

token you away..

A very woman very woodsman

A very woman very woodsman
Turning on echo corner
Flying down the
Trail a very woman
Very much behind you
Body by fisher

For Tom Nicholas

Barbie and me

When I was growing up, my best friend Lisa Petrides asked me in fifth grade how people had babies. Being the authority I was at Williamston Elementary School, where my principal, Miss Keen had also been my dad’s first grade teacher, I knew the answer. You know, if you wish hard enough, are married and kiss each other, you will have one. There. She was satisfied. We went back, our skinny little nine-year-old selves, to the playground, galloping with about fifteen girls, playing horses, being herded by some boy who got rooked into being herd master.

When I was thirteen I came across a word in the newspaper that I didn’t know and asked my sister Carol what it as. The word, raped, made no sense to someone like me who read encyclopedias and dictionaries for fun. She explained what it as, and I was shocked and upset. This was not a good way to learn about sex. After, I could hear my parents through the furnace at night in my bedroom of our huge old brick house, and my mother called my father darling. I wished I hadn’t heard that. They rarely even kissed in public.

My mother hated the word sexy, and we couldn’t even say it if we read it in a magazine. It was the 70s, she had three teenage girls, and she was a strict English woman. If we looked at boys out the car window, we would get teased or accused of being boy crazy. That was the worst; how can you not look at people out a window without feeling guilty after that? We were just girls. Ironically, she let me go to a dance at Brook Hollow Country Club in Williamston when I was 12 or 13, where I met my first boyfriend, Roland Abendroth from Haslett. He kissed me at the dance and later asked me to go steady on the phone. We went steady for one whole week without seeing each other again. My mom let me go to a street dance in Williamston the summer I was fourteen. They were early events, and I met my next boyfriend, Bob Allen later a Vice President at a College in Ohio, who at the time was 16, had graduated high school and was a musician at one of those dances. I got to watch him play at dances at the tennis courts and practice at his friend Eddie Farhat’s, the Shiek’s son’s, house. I couldn’t go on car dates with him at first.

Our clothes soon began to metamorphize into that dreaded word- sexy.
We used to peg our pants and jeans on the sewing machine, taking them in a full inch or more, till they were skin-tight, while also creatively hemming our skirts two or more inches to approximately mid thigh. Another creative dressing ploy we used was to wait till we got to school, button up our cardigan sweaters, roll the waist bands of our skirts over at least twice and pin them with safety pins.

Birds in overgrown under paths in two

Birds in overgrown under paths in two
woods twist through vines with lucid chirps
field glasses tear my eyes from their staid
lift me through the pines slide my vision over bark
bumping down
I find your lot in the middle of my woods
Your iron wood taken from my forest sits in your office a whole pile
Conjoins behind my house

Coquette a vin’

Placed cruelly
Arms uplifted
Tree limbs sway

In kind

Yore heart
In thigh

Grill gnarled oak
By me

Baby by mummy
Rockier vin
A’ coyote


Crashing down nineteenth

Crashing down nineteenth
a single pink

A flower in a nightmare
fever hued

I fall out of my bunk at 5 6 7 8

I am forever to the max

My mother
Washes my face in
=with a cool clothe

Feeds me bread and milk
And tea

Don’ I go again
Like a flower
In that nightmare of fever

Here no
Though dr. masers nurse
Sees I do

Drama unfolds…….

Crashing face down
My life wings bore me
Into your chair

My head unfolds in peacock feathers
Above me
My velvet rabbit coat

Disappears down a hole
Chasing me dignity

With me face glown

Hidden in a hole
Behind your desk
Nariño yr

My love
Dissolves in

Flow before me

Like Prometheus unchained
Forever I am chained to you

Dark Side of the Sun

For mrc cindy sally cheryll

People dream yellow blossom
Know him only
Journey above wander between
The dark side of the sun

Inter is here today
Love is winter sun
We have mating contracts
On the dark side of the sun

Fireflies like diamonds

Fireflies like diamonds
Flash in the backyard
Glittering in succession
Trim the lamp and blow them out
They flit within your vision

Jerkin deed in Birkenstocks
You slob on through
In your high class tight as
Sandals without shoes

One dog to the window

Baby stumbles over me
Fast to find
Wait she can see

A new dog
In the window there
Lovely girl

All eyes
Harry she is not

Pismo Beach

Pismo Beach w
Steph and Jim
cold pier, Chelis,
fish reflection on
Steph’s 3 year old daughter
/jamming cats into matchbox spaces/
2Los Olivos
A garden of robots/
metallic statues that
live like Sedona&
Tapoci Loci
Robotic surprise/
Alien bolts/
Bucket of bolts
Creatures stand in
Pose/ for garden
Pictures/their own
Garden party,
Without tea/
“Nostril Dames”/
3 seals surface and
exist in a gallery
wth stony rocks/
a face/
an animal
entrapped or
let out by the
a small
owl with green
eyes, an otter folds
his paws upon
his belly/
A house with legs
Like baba Shebad
Hangs before a
Street/with glass
Enamel on metal
Prices modeled
9entrapped0/A doggy
Café allows dogs
To take their owners
To lunch under
Umbrellas as civilized pals.
Salads and wild breads show good breeding with goats cheese
Sundried tomatoes/greens/
The ocean escapes
Us as we drive away
Bouncing to Solvang thru Danish Daze/
A street fair and fronted village/
Melting with best frosting
We climb to a falls Navaho/ empty/empty/green moss tumbles down a rocked front/ holding faster than water
Logs jumble together/
Rocks pile on Boulders/ cacophony of stone/
A cradle of logs, boulders, rocks, shakes reinvented like Lincoln logs/
Or pick up sticks
Below a waterless
Show, A pond forms
Like Ching Pond on
Hanna Highway/ you
Can wade/the/
crystalline of a thousand
cataracts is not here
At Mitshu’s
Driving to an artist’s study. We
Learn about cats,
We tightwalk
Planks running pasdt
Beware of artists
Dogs because only
Cats hit canvas/ A
Playful universe
Unfolds delicately
Since we learn
The plumber will not
Be back for 3 weeks/
Because of a bad back/A/woman
Hangs with a Nokia,
Braids, open smile,
All Japanese symbols
About her, coffee below
Her/ served in empty
Photo plastic tubes
Ginger cookies, lemon
Filling, fit for a
Fancy tea. Green
Tea,tchai tea/
Mitshu offers us
A tour of laughing cats
A Miro Cat Gives Birth to a Constellation and Picasso Cat
Ina chair/
Prints, Cats/, Play/ Mishu /
Wears a playful
Tie, a silver puppet
A native icon, a tangling hiero-
From his shirt

White Celise

Smooth as wine Michigan brewing pub
Sling my heel over your soft arm
My bubbly going down soft
Carafe of wool sugar beer from Belgium orange peels
Float through your hair
Eclipse of beer
In you

Crashing Down Nineteenth, by Chris McKinnon bc