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Bad Tricks
with the Cue Stick

People with access to either
pool tables or hand guns
should listen carefully to this story.
In February, a 26-year-old
Russian man tried to enter
a bar in Tomilino, which is near
Moscow, but he was carrying
a concealed gun. a security guard
at the front of the bar stopped him,
and he seems to threaten
the guard with his gun.
But the guard was quick-moving,
and he kicked the gun out of the
man’s hands.
The gun landed on a pool table
after the kick, and the guard
asked the players to pass the gun
back to him.
Well, one of the pool players
decided to pick up the gun with
hi cue stick. What they didn’t realize
was that by sliding the cue stick
through his trigger-hole, was that
the gun then would slide down
the cue stick, until the cue stick was
thick enough to pull the trigger.
He picked up the gun with his
cue stick, the gun slid closer to him
and fired one shot, shooting
a 19-year-old in the chest,
immediately killing him
After that, the gun owner said he
planned to surrender the gun to them,
so he could enjoy a drink after all.

Copyright Janet Kuypers.
All rights reserved. No material
may be reprinted without express permission.

the 2007 book Tick Tock, front cover the CD SIN (Scars Intenet News)