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Cigarette Butts are Lethal

They say that people who legally own guns
more often injure themselves accidentally
than use their legal guns to intentionally
injure others. A good example of this
may be reflected in the news story reported
February Eleventh, where two drunk people
were goofing around, when one drunk
challenged the other to shoot them with
cigarette butts, and I quote from the article,
“to see what it would feel like.” The other
drunk loaded an antique rifle with cigarette
butts, but he also placed black powder
behind the butts, you know, to make sure
they had the power to leave the gun barrel.
At seven feet, one drunk shot the other
with cigarette butts, but the nicotine filters
penetrated the rib cage of the thirty-one-year-old.
The man who made the challenge later died
of three cigarette butts to the heart.

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the 2007 book Tick Tock, front cover the CD SIN (Scars Intenet News)