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The Good “Doctor”

California’s Dr. John Ronald Brown,
had his medical license revoked in 1977
and was then in jail for three years

Brown later led potential patients to believe
that he was a licensed doctor
and people allowed his transgendering surgeries
because of his low prices

but John Ronald Brown
was not only a doctor for transexuals
but also those who got sexual gratification
from having an arm or leg amputated

in one case, a 79-year-old Philip Bondy
paid $10,000 to have his leg amputated
in Brown’s Tijuana Clinic

after the surgery,
Bondy was taken to a
San Diego Holiday Inn
for his recovery
but he died in the hotel
in less than a day

so John Ronald Brown, 75,
was charged with murder
and practicing medicine
without a license

after his arrest,
homicide detective Gary Stovall
found in Brown’s San Ysidro apartment
a bloodstained couch, and
bloody towels soaking in his bathtub,
as well as blood trails, medical supplies and
his surgeries on video tapes scattered about the floor

            Inside Edition even videotaped him
            performing a surgery
            though you could still hear the patient during the surgery
            moaning and howling in pain

a northern California businesswoman
witnessed Brown operate
on an HIV-positive patient once
and in another case
Brown used too much erectile tissue
to construct genital outer lips for a transgender patient
and as a result,
whenever the girl got excited
her labia got hard

people went to Brown because he was cheap
cheap enough plug silicone injection holes
with crazy glue
and because he technically wasn’t a doctor,
he never asked questions,
and you could have the operation
you always wanted... done

Atlanta-based transgender author
Dallas Denny said that transsexuals
knew him as “Table Top Brown”
because he operated anywhere from kitchens
to garages or motel rooms, and some
patients even woke up in parked cars,
and everyone knew there was no screening
and no aftercare with Brown

which may explain why no one watched over
the ailing Philip Bondy

after his Saturday morning operation
Bondy was happy at first
though he later said he felt
Brown “sawing” on his leg

Brown’s office was in Mexico
to avoid American law,
but right after the operation on Bondy,
to hide the evidence,
Brown drove 15 miles out
into the desert toward Ensenada
throwing the leg out the window
for the coyotes to eat

Bondy was left at the Holiday Inn
in San Diego Saturday evening,
and was found Sunday morning
lying half on the bed and half off

the wheelchair was turned upside-sown
the phone was tipped over
the sheets were pulled out

and blood was oozing from the blackened
and gangrenous remnants of his leg

for you see, he was infected with gaseous gangrene
a fast-moving flesh-eating bacteria,
which eventually stopped the heart

so in October, a San Diego jury
found Brown guilty of second-degree murder

but people still have their fetishes
and someone will always be there
to take advantage of them

Copyright Janet Kuypers.
All rights reserved. No material
may be reprinted without express permission.

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