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If I Will Have the Time

Oh brain
take a note
Call Jenny soon about the party next weekend

What else do I have to do
I know I’m forgetting something

I’ll have to get groceries soon
One slice of cheese ane a half a jar of pickles
will not last me a week

Paycheck Friday

What should I make
for dinner tomorrow night
This house needs cleaning


I need a vacation

I wonder
if I’ll have time
to sleep tonight

It’s You

I loved my soft quilt blanket
When I was only two
But you see, the reason for that was
I never had known you

I had al ittle teddy bear
at the age of four
I loved the bear with all my life
But now I love you more

I loved my rusty bibycle
When I had just turned seven
But now I feel when I’m with you
That I have gone to heaven

I have aged since the younger days
I’ve had a chance to grow
And now it’s no longer things that joy to me brings
It’s you that I love so

An Innocent Glance

An innocent glance
turned into a lengthy stare
A simple hello
turned into an intimate conversation
A common aquaintance
turned into a lover
My heaven
turned into my hell

for another woman
turned everything we had
into nothing

All My Problems Disappear

I don’t understand
I try to think
yet whenver I look at you
I can’t
Your voice sends a shiver down
my spine
Each time I look into your deep
brown eyes
my world turns into fantasy
and all my problems disappear
Whenever you come into my mind
everything else is forgotten
A mere moment with you
serves as an eternity
You have so many good qualities
that it wouldn’t justify
to name only a few
I couldn’t image a life led
without you
for it would be a life of dreary monotony
The days would never end
and life would serve no purpose
I don’t understand
why I feel the way I do
maybe I love you

Weeping Willow

I am the weeping willow
The branches hang downward
never reaching upward

So do mine

It stands alone in a forest
full of mighty towering
maples and oaks

So do I

And like me
the weeping willow
can only bow its head
and cry

When I Am Weak

There are many times when I an weak
My poor legs can no longer endure
I start to fall
I search for something to hold on to
And I usually find something to
Lean on until I am no longer weak
But there are times when there is
Nothing for me to grab on to
I feel lost
I continue to fall
But then I see you
You extend your arm and uncurl your fingers
You reach out to me and
Give me support
You help me become strong again

Simple Things

A patch of daisies
waving in the wind
on the side of an
isolated road

A butterfly with
vibrant red and
yellow wings
flying through the
branches of a berry bush

a kitten cleaning her paw
in front of a fireplace
lit at night

some of the most
beautiful things
are also the most
simple ones

Gives Up The Fight

i walk through the hallway
the coldness
the blankness
of the empty walls
the doors are closed

a separate isolation
a separate entity
lays behind each and every
gray metal door

i walk through the hallway
until i find the open door
it is open but an inch
but it is open

so i turn the handle
i push
as the eerie creaks echo
and the dust from a thousand
years floats into the air
but settles down
only a few inches further

the light from the hallway is dim
so i must strain to try and see
to understand

for there is no light inside

i cough and choke
an the dank and dismal air
suffer with the sickening stench
i move the cod-webbed furniture
to find what i am looking for

i feel afraid to breathe
i feel afraid to move
for the room may take
offense to me even slightly
changing it

i find the safe
hidden in the corner
the lock is cold
i turn the dial

and i turn, and turn, and turn

and as if the safe gives up the fight
the barrels click
and the door moves

i open it

only to find
a barren and empty center

all that work
all that time
all that hope
only to go down
the hallway again

Grains Of Sand

must i suffer the duration?
do i have a choice?
or must i wait
for the grains of sand
to one by one
fall to an eternity?
can’t i make them
fall any faster?
can’t i make them
all fall at once?
is there any way i can
set all the sands free
free from life
and its sharp confinements
free from what
we try to capture
and retain
why must i suffer the duration
why can’t i just let go

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