Hi, and welcome to my home page. I’m currently back in school, but I wanted to share with you a poem of mine that won the 1997 Scars Publications and Design Poetry Wall Calendar Contest. My poem appeared in a wall calendar, with the month of January. I hope you like it. And thanks for stopping by!

motions on the planet

I don’t let anybody in to see me
to be a real part of my life
I talk to people
I get close to people
the only person that I can count on is me
I just need something that I can count on

what can I really lean on
what will never let me down
what will never desert me

nobody lives on this planet
people go through the motions

people are too afraid
to open themselves up
and they never get the chance
to really live

I don’t want to go through the motions
I want to live
but I’m afraid
if I don’t break out of my shell
I won’t see what the rest of the world is like
I wonder if I really want to know

- Shannon Peppers

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