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in an effort to give all ideas to people...

Going to Russia? Learn about Ayn Rand in St. Petersburg.

Nicomachean Ethics, By Aristotle

Watch this Atheist YouTube Video

you may also select a realplayer file to check out and learn from...

the prc forum, hosted by by Barbara Branden (74k)
What Is an Idea?, by David Kelley and Jim Powell (52k)
Homeschooling, by mary heinking (296k)
Antitrust versus Capitalism, by David Kelley (271k)
Choosing Life, by David Kelley (269k)
Inner Life, by allen blumenthal (692k)
Modern Threats to Freedom, by ed hudgins (373k)
Odysseus, Jesus and Dagny, by susan cccloske (451k)
Organized Individualism, by robert james bidinotto (273k)
Post Modernism, by stephen hicks (365k)
Rational Rituals, by timothy madigan (347k)
Rise Of Environmentalism, by robert james bidinotto (365k)
The welfare State versus The Constitution, by david mayeR (502k)
What Are Our Spiritual Needs, by nathaniel branden.rm (367k)
Why Johnny Can’t, Like, Write, by susan cccloske (375k)
Why Religion Seems to Work, by kenneth livingston (365k)

you may also select a realplayer movie to download and view...

angels - miraculous messengers
more than a carpenter
the carman mission
the emissary
the resurrection on trial
the revolutionary
the revolutionary two

and because we don’t believe in censorship...
people can read Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler

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