the 2012 literary datebook

    Enjoy the Second 2011 poetry collection book from Scars Publications of not only publitted writings for this collection datebook, but also select poetry from 2011 contributors of cc&d magazine and Down in the Dirt magazine). Enjoy the “2012 Literary Datebook”!

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    Unlike past wall calendars this past decade from Scars Publications, this 2012 Scars Literary Datebook is literally a carry-with-you, week-per-page day planner and date book. This ~136 page ISSN# book will have a calendar week (Sunday through Saturday) on the right-hand page, while an accepted poem will appear on the left-hand page for every calendar week. Because there are not only calendar contributors but also cc&d magazine and Down in the Dirt magazine poems in this spiral-bound datebook, the ISSN number bar codes for obth magazines is emblazoned on the back cover of this one-of-a-kind collectible edition.

below is a listing of the accepted writers
and titles writing in this collection.

(all imags displayed below appear in the book in grayscale.)

Brian Looney January 1-7 Leap Before You Look
Chris Butler January 8-14 I’m Retarded
Joy Davis January 15-21 The Big Bang
Matthew Guzman January 22-28 Seal Watching
Kyrsten Bean January 29-31 Epithet
Clinton Van Inman February 1-4 Protocol
GPA (The Poetic Unsub) February 5-11 Be My Valentine
(Before Valentine’s Day)
Joseph Hart February 12-18 A Valentine
David S. Pointer February 19-25 First to Fight, Die or Buy
I.B. Rad February 26-29 Poverty
Kenneth DiMaggio March 1-3 Poem From The Hartford Epic (Kids)
Kelley Jean White MD March 4-10 We used to watch you
from the teacher’s lounge
Dan Fitzgerald March 11-17 St. Patrick’s Day 2002
Patrick Fealey March 18-24 the wastrel
Sonja Kosler March 25-31 Political Ballgame
Roger Cowin April 1-7 Old Jack
Je’free April 8-14 Sunday Lunch
Stephanie Kaylor April 15-21 on a spring day
Michael Lee Johnson April 22-28 Rainbow in April
Michael Larrain April 29-30 Recognition
Kriste A. Matrisch May 1-5 Magnetic Poetry II
Michael A. Rodriguez May 6-12 Daisy
Emerald Scott May 13-19 advice
John Thompson May 20-26 midnight passersby
Linda Webb Aceto May 27-31 Wipe the Snot off Your Face, Girl
Christopher Barnes June 1-2 Mad, Genius, Sun-Ra
Andy Roberts June 3-9 Neighbor Boys
Kevin Heaton June 10-16 Tree Swing
Michael Aspros June 17-23 For Peace
Stanley M Noah June 24-30 The black hand society
and how things can get out of hand
Jon Mathewson July 1-7 Sunny Pastels
Changming Yuan July 8-14 Civilization
Sarah Lucille ant July 15-21 July
Maxwell Baumbach July 22-28 My Dad Could Beat Up Your Dad
Raúl Niño July 29-31 Harms Woods
Jermaine Harmon August 1-4 bad habit I picked up at the bodega
Tom Roby August 5-11 Untitled
Judith Ann Levison August 12-18 Guardianship
CEE August 19-25 Fine Ground Journey
Lana Santorelli August 26-31 Debut
Kristine Ong Muslim September 1 Mr. Flip in his first grade art class
Peter Magliocco September 2-8 The Defiling
Jane Stuart September 9-15 Untitled (Weeping Moments)
William Wright Harris September 16-22 twinflower
linnaea borealis
Brett E. Devlin September 23-29 Crisp
Mel Waldman September 30 Autumn Again
Michael H. Brownstein October 1-6 Shekhinah
John Grey October 7-13 No Return
Dennis Kerr October 14-20 the confusion of global warming
Deborah Nodler Rosen October 21-27 Fragments
Sonja Kosler October 28-31 Shadows Fill the Hollows
Left by Fall’s Progression
Eric Shelman November 1-3 Government
Michael Ceraolo November 4-10 On Several Adventures
in Municipal Government
Lawrence Gladeview November 11-17 At The Gate
Janet Kuypers November 18-21 Seasons 1998
Jim Carson November 25-30 The Splendor of Dying
R. N. Taber December 1 Carriers
Mikki Shenkenberg December 2-8 Sound Off
Dan Fitzgerald December 9-15 Santa Missed Our Chimney
Christine Reilly December 16-22 S.A.D.
Oz Hardwick December 23-29 Blessing
Matthew Roberts December 30-31 End of the Year - Business Style.

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