front cover Distionguished Writings     The Scars Publications 2006 collection book Distinguished Writings contains a wider selection of materials from both cc&d magazine and Down in the Dirt magazine than the 2006 collection book Writings to Honour & Cherish (it’s 344 pages!). It also contains past editorials, selections of writings from “the Chosen Few,” highlights from performance art shows, an essay from the “Philosophy Monthly” section of cc&d magazines, and supplements to cc&d magazine.

    This “Masters Journal” truly showcases 2006 writing — in both a full-color, full-bleed paperback volume, as well as a hard-bound volume.

paperback book for sale: $17.75

hardcover book for sale: $32.95

    So although some writers from the collection book Writings To Honour & Cherish are also here, this collection book shows a wider range of authors and styles, to better show the variety in cc&d magazine and Down in the Dirt magazine.

    The book is 6"x 9" in page size, and it’s 344 pages long. both paperback and hard cover books will have 60# cream interior paper, black and white interior ink, and a full-color cover.

    Look below to see a list of the contributors to this collection book (see if you or someone you know is in this volume!). If you are in this volume and want to know what pieces are in the book by you (without paying for it, but to know for your reccords), email us, and we can let you know the titles of your work in the book.


Eric Bonholtzer
Alex Galper
Andrew Demcak
Arthur Gottlieb
Bill Dorris
Don Moyer
James B. Nicola
Michael Ceraolo
Philip Jones
Erica A. L’Huillier
Elizabeth Mudgett
Eric Ethridg
Kenneth DiMaggio
Philip W. Perna
Philip Jones
Lisa Michelle Thomas
Scott Heigel
Terry Rosenberg
Rebecca Susan Lemke
Anne Marie Bonneau
Lolita Stewart-White
Bobbi Dykema Katsanis
William E. Raftery
Lloyd Bardell
Darcy Saffar
Stanley M Noah
Brittany Ranee Thompson
Larry S. Lafferty
Whitney K Walker
Michelle Greenblatt
Mika V. Galiher
Mark Passero
David Cory
G.A. Scheinoha
Corey Cook
J D Nelson
Mia Marie Collins
Joshua Gray
Kathryn Alison Graves
Richard Crowley
Ronald M. Rowe
Molly Wendtland
Lorraine Grund
Cheryl Lambrecht
Christopher Fog
DeAndrea Johnson
Edwinna Bryant
Mather Schneider
Katherine Wing
Jeff McMahon
Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal
Paul Telles
Rangzen Shanti
Story Rhinehart
Preston Williams, Jr.
Amber May
Thomas Rucker
Anne Heide
Angela Little
Donal Finn
Emily Griskavich
Eriol Fox
Jessica Bechtold
Carol Mikoda
Robert Lee Brewer
Calvin Becker
Mason Tate
Janet Kuypers
Andrew Grossman
Belinda Subraman
Christopher Barnes
Doug Draime
Frank Anthony
H. Berariu
Janet Kuypers
Heather Dorn
Nathan B. Smith
Ken Sieben
KC Wilder
Wayne Mason
Tyler Joseph Wiseman
John Sweet
Aaron Sutherlin
Alison Heppard
Chris Major
Gerald E. Sheagren
a.d. winans
Jason Barnett
Ryan Downey
Roger N. Taber
Melanie Monterey
Jesse Rosen
Walker Manning Hughes
Eric Obame
Aaron Wilder
Valorie Mall
Jane Stuart
Jacob Alves
Matt Finney
Jeffrey Yabut
Melissa Davis
Sandy Hiss
Robert Wilson
Elise W.
Michael Ray Monson
Rose E. Grier
T. Allen Culpepper
Janet Kuypers
Claire Blancett
Steve DeMoss
Jeanna-Marie Bergman
Damion Hamilton
Michael Swanson
Vince Stamey
Suzanne Richardson Harvey, Ph.D.
Nathan Jeffries
Jessie Cunningham
Alex Dimitrov
Edward G. Lynch
Grace Connolly
Donna Hunt
Janet Kuypers
Josh Rahn

Down in the Dirt

Eric Bonholtzer
Mel Waldman
Ashley Rene Clark
Christian Ward
Christopher Barnes
Kyle J. Warnica
Brad E. McLelland
Aamir Aziz
Curtis M. Urness, Sr.
John Grey
David McBride
Terry Rosenberg
Walker Manning Hughes
Lauren Harrison
Jack Cooley
Matina L. Stamatakis
Ken Dean
Rebecca Susan Lemke
Stephanie Bernard
Brian Douglas Moakley
Christopher Thomas
Devin Wayne Davis
Stephanie Maher
Brittany P. Dalton
Yorgo L Douramacos
Ray Succre
Lawrence R. Dagstine
Angela Lungu
Richard Thieme
Anthony Liccione
J. Williams
Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal
James Cline
Michael Keshigian
Tom page
Sandra E. Waldron
Cheryl Lynn Moyer
Constantine P. Firme III
Michael Shannon
James Michael Ward
Emily Griskavich
Kelsi Oser
Andrei Postolache
Michael Helvaty
Jill L. Ferguson
Raud Kennedy
Tom Lane
jm avril
Cynthia Ruth Lewis
Milos Petrovic
Timothy Woodlock
Nicole Rogers
Sharon Esther Lampert
Gerald E. Sheagren
Victor Phan
Davide Trame
Charles Cuthill
Ben Barton
Michael Bonanno
Pat Dixon
Kurt MacPhearson
Michelle Greenblatt
Thomas J. Misurca
Jen Pezzo
Geoff Jackson
Thomas Rucker
Brendan Connell
Jenny Newman
Ryan Downey
Michael Levy
Stephanie Modkins
Brett St. Pierre
Richard Ward
John Murtagh
Brooke Strickland
Evan Walsh
Kamuran Kelly
Kristen Howe
Alla Vilnyansky
Benjamin D. Herson
Effie Blake
Mark Joseph Kiewlak
Gerald Zipper
Jodie Haley
Tonelius Oliver
Tim Dodge
Martin Willitts, Jr.
David Van Bebber Jr.
Anna Call
Aimee Nance
Colin Fleming
Steve De France
Vida Ayitah
Scott A. Russell
Umesh Ghoshdastider
David R. Berthiaume
Dr. Dick Nixon
Noreen McAllister-Bifulco
Mark Scott
Magan S. Edinger
Aaron Stout
Michael S. Morris
Edward Rodosek
Anthony Gee
Ryan Ennis
Scott A. Russell
Gabe Herron
Scott Armstrong
Janet Kuypers

The Chosen Few

Bernadette Miller
Charlie Newman
Mark Passero
J. Quinn Brisben

the boss lady’s editorials

    • Do Protests Equal Violence?
    • Shoving Our “Good Life” Down the Enemy’s Throats
    • Losing Her Change at the Presidency
    • Does RainForest Cafe Love the Rain Forest?
    • Child Molesters & JonBenet Ramsey
    • Putting Up Walls Is Never The Solution
    • Failue to Implement Basic Safety

performance art shows

    • the “Dreams” feature 02/03/04
    • “A Night of Firsts,” 06/22/04
    • the “Becach Poets” show 08/14/05
    • the “Society of Professional Journalists” final poetry feature 08/26/06

supplement issue

v165.5 10/27/06:
“Singular Endings”

philosophy monthly

    • By Reason of Insanity
    • Modern Day Footbindings and the Oppression of Women