the Book of Scars, the 2007 prose collection book     the Book of Scars is the 2007 Scars Publications prose book release — and after 15 years, this is the first prose collection book from Scars Publications. It contains select writings from acceptances from Down in the Dirt magazine and cc&d magazine, in addition to the 2007 cc&d boss lady editorials. This collection is also available as either a perfect-bound paperback book, or as a hardcover book.

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below is a listing of the accepted writers and prose titles in this collection.

the Editor’s Choice contest winners

Tom Glenn

Cindy Small

Vickie Clasby

Wolf Rock; Short-Timers

March of the Wiglets

Hal’s Eyes

the Book of Scars

Allen Dale Olson

Pat Dixon

Mel Waldman

Dawn Miller

Philip Loyd

Jordan M. Atcheson

Mark Scott

Katie Hocevar

Veda Nayak

A. Frank Bower

Bill DeArmond

Bob Strother

Donald Kern

Frank Kennedy

Dr. Hugh Hammond

J. J. Brearton

James Gapinski

Sam G. Martin

A. McIntyre

Robert D. Wenger

K. J. Erickson

Merry, Gerry, and Larry

Autumn Camp

The Impostor

Death By Barbeque

My Cheatin’ Heart

Soul Hole

Hard Hustle


Out of the Haze


Just a Stranger on a Bus

Trade Secret

The Loner

I Didn’t Tell Her

Sergeant Robertson’s Race

Dr. Billinks, Cat Psychiatrist

78 RPM

Beautiful Monster

The Monkey House


Blood Is Like Wine (chapter 1)

the boss lady’s editorials, 2007

Election Hell & Gossip Galore

The Vegetative State Part II
(So What Defines When Someone’s Alive?)

If I Did It: Justifying the Morally Reprehensible

Choose Your Theory: Science or God

Are We Safe Yet?

This Story’s Heating Up: the Effects of Global Warming

Global Warming: Reports from Chicago to China?

Anna Nicole Smith:
the Fascination with the embodiment of all of America’s Stereotypes

Does the Internet Equal the End of Reading?

A Different Light on the Global Warming Debate

The Countdown to the Presidency

When Power (and Weather) Become Your Enemy

Fear... Generated By The 24-Hour News Stations

Diffusing Our Dependence

Philosophy Monthly

(Justify Your Existence)

Abortion, Eugenics, and the Line of Life

the Book of Scars, the 2007 prose collection book