we the Poets, the 2007 poetry collection book     We the Poets is the 2007 Scars Publications poetry book release. It contains select accepted writings from cc&d magazine and Down in the Dirt magazine, in addition to artwork... You can also order this book as either a download, a paperback book or a hard cover book, or even as a paperback book or a hard cover book with color interior pages to see the artwork the way it’s meant to be seen!

now you can order this book
as a paperback book with b&w interior pages,
a hardcover book with b&w interior pages,
a paperback book with color interior pages,
or a hardcover book with color interior pages,
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below is a listing of the accepted writers and poetry titles in this collection.


the Editor’s Choice contest winner

Ed Coet


we the Poets

Peter Magliocco Ideals Lost in Sand Storms
Mel Waldman One Dark, Cutting Moment
David Lawrence The Islamization of Morocco
Michael Ceraolo Technology Upgrade (2)
Eric Obame Territory
Sarah Deckard Superficial
Gerald A. McBreen Born Again Haiku
The American Sentence
Lisa Frederiksen Master of Manipulation
Joshua Harriman Dandelions & Graffiti
Kenneth DiMaggio Ode #1 to a Catholic
    School Girl Who Refused
    to Become Mary Magdalene
Marissa Christina Owens Passion
poetry wall calendar
March 2008 poem
Cast In Stone
Michael Lee Johnson Gotham, Oil On Canvas
Ron Arnold The Tipping Point
Brian Mayer Down on Rickie’s Farm
Aaron Wilder artwork Underground Empire
Winter Day Dreaming
Contemporary Portrait of the Artist
Edward Michael
    O’Durr Supranowicz
poetry & art
Her Crucifix
Bill DeArmond The Sins of the Father
Michael Levy In an Old Home
Milos Petrovic Eritis sicut dei
Aaron Wilder artwork The Short Existance of Bomarsund
David McLean Untitled
Aaron Wilder artwork Vile Vonenguard
Valorie Mall Hiding in Plain Sight
Jim Greenwald whiskey and ice
Claire Blancett Valentines Day
Aaron Wilder artwork No One Sees, No One Knows
IB Rad Patriotism
Michael A. Rodriguez Friendly Freeway Tarp
Damion Hamilton The Hearts of Men
Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal The Evil of Cars
Story Rhinehart Numbers
Kenneth W. Anderson, Jr. Cat,Woman, and Man
John Wayne Vogels Blood Red Cries
Michael H. Brownstein Chicago
Terrence Sanders The Bar Is Closing
C. D. Rose No Expectation Of “Break thru”
Cynthia Ruth Lewis The Art Of Shedding Tears
Brandon Kinkade A Sense of Cosmopolitan
Scott Heigel Drive
Aya Ibrahim Before the Break of Day
Richard Fein Kosher Diversion and Mrs. Allen
Julie Kovacs Fruits and Nuts
Ed Coet Penatration
John R. Hunt Priests, Preachers and Pokémon
Cindy Forsburg Craig Hospital, Denver
Justin Fitzpatrick Hero
Aaron Wilder artwork Approved After Red Inclusion
Chris Major The Untitled
Christian Ward Greenwich Observatory
Stanley M Noah just another myth
Bill Dorris Kilimanjaro
Laura Bontrager Charlie’s son’s story
Sara Crawford Airport
Kelly Ann Malone The Bridal Shower
Raud Kennedy The Fluttering Curtain
Anthony Gee An Unseen Substance
Je’free Enlightened
Joseph Veronneau Lake Champlain
Laura E. Bontrager what I am learning
Mary Kolesnikova The Breakfast Room
Ray Karpovage I Followed God Down a Rabbit
    Hole and Got my Head Stuck
Randall K. Rogers Three Days
Peter Martin Killing Dandelions
Graham Fulton Brief
Ramesh Dohan Courtesan Dreams
Doug Tanoury Schrodinger’s Cat
Alveraz Ricardez Four Suburban Churros
Robert Alton McMakin Stressed
Kyle J. Warnica Girl Impervious
Barbara Brackney Time for Some Help
Mike Lazarchuk The Way Out
Anna Cates America
Melissa Beavers Curious Frontier
Joshua Copeland Way Past Fall
Deborah M. Olley One and Only
Robert Dunn Stop Short: Safety Scissors
Andrew Grossman You see how the politics
leads to stomach problems
G.A. Scheinoha Sloe Gin Sorrows
Geneva Smith London’s Window
Tanya Rucosky Noakes Sara Ann’s
Philosophical Shortbread
Nick Demske Deadlines
Luivette Resto The Return of Charo
Christopher Douglass Packing. For the End of the World.
Renee St. Louis blonde like me
Adilene Aguilera untitled
Shelley Little Fish Tails
James Sackett Play Soldier
Aaron Wilder artwork Evergreed
J. Williams Grown, Rich, Poor, Kid
Nathaniel S. Rounds To Olga
Kelly Pardekooper untitled haiku
Aaron Wilder artwork Amalgamation for God
Fredrick Zydek Turning a Buck
Danielle Kuhn A Grandfather’s Tears
Cathy Porter Good Graces
David Siegel Bernstein Electric Wasteland
Kenneth Brown The Details
Richie Cook When Sleep is Your Enemy
Dimitris P. Kraniotis Illusions
Michael S. Morris What of Truth?
Andrew H. Oerke Home
Janet Kuypers dreams 09/24/05
He’s An Escapist
Two Not Mute Haikus
Jean Hellemans
    Finnish translations
    of Kuypers poetry
Ik verlangde naar pijn
    (translated from “I Wanted Pain”)
grote man
    (translated from “Tall Man”)
het verbranden
    (translated from “The Burning”)
hier zit ik
    (translated from “There I Sit”)
de martelaar en de heilige
    (translated from
    “the martyr and the saint”)

waarom ik nooit zal trouwen
    (translated from
    “why i’ll never get married”)

we the Poets, the 2007 poetry collection book