Edible Red

    Enjoy the 2016 magazine collection book from Scars Publications and Down in the Dirt magazine, with the July-December 2016 magazine issue writings and select artwork... So now is your chance to get a slice of Down in the Dirt life in 2016 with this one-time-only collection book, and pick up a copy today of “Edible Red”!

    The author names in this listing appear as they are listed in magazine issue/books. For writings that appear in issues, the titles of their writing do not appear on this web page, but all of the names are linked to the individual issue/book that actually contains the material.

    To know exactly what is included in this collection book, view the listing below. All author entries are listed in this collection book as they are listed in magazine issue/books.


Edible Red front cover

Edible Red
the Down in the Dirt July-December 2016
issue collection book

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below is a listing of the accepted writers
and artists in this collection.

(all art on inside pages of this book appears in black and white.)

part one:Suicidal Birds
the Jul./Aug. 2016 issue of Down in the Dirt, v138

Richard Schnap Great Location
No Comment
Denny E. Marshall Haiku (wings) Haiku (words)
Sunset #52
Haiku (Orion)
Haiku (peppered)
Allan Onik Gun
Janet Kuypers bear
David A. Forrester Paradise Cemetery
Rain’s Turn for Show and Tell
Janet Kuypers found
Daniel Mark Snow Covered Homes
Fabrice Poussin Teasing Heaven art
William R. Soldan Suicidal Birds
Janet Kuypers groove
video See a Vine video of Janet Kuypers
reading her twitter-length poem
groovefrom Scars Publications’ Jul./Dec.
2016 Down in the Dirt Issue book “Edible Red
as a looping JKPoetryVine video 1/15/17
(in Austin Texas from a Samsung Galaxy S7).
Eliah Medina Gregory Death
Kyle Hemmings Sky 1 art
Corey Cook stillborn
Joann Spencer Therapy
Weekend Father
Kara Bright Kilgore Edible Red
Bill Wolak The Seed of a Kiss in Every Smile art
David Nelson Hilliard Kelsey
Edward Michael O’Durr Supranowicz Complicated Woman art
Robert Levin A Bouquet of Daisies
Janet Kuypers key
Jennifer L. Smith The Devil and the White Room
Liam Spencer Miss Seattle
Laura A. Steeb Cast the News
Benjamin Green Voices in the night
Alexander Jones They said...
Emory Jones Bones Die Hard
Drew Brashaw Free and Clear
Dominic Bergfield Bound by Blood
Katie Moore Father
Melissa Baskerville I know what you did.
Janet Kuypers nightmares
Janet Kuypers Kinds of Torture

part two:the Relic, the Effort, the Yell
the Sep./Oct. 2016 issue of Down in the Dirt, v139

Allan Onik Out To Eat
Kyle Hemmings Lips 2 art
Allan Onik Orb
Edward Michael O’Durr Supranowicz Uncertain Orbit art
Allan Onik The Coin and the Pendulum
Katie Moore An Aged Affair
Andy Tu She Will
David Russell Man on top New Beach Embrace art
Ava Collopy Retail
Kimba Rose Williams Where There’s a Will...
Wes Heine 11947841 art
Andria Weekes A lost brother
Janet Kuypers mirror
Kimba Rose Williams Skritch Skritch
Kazel Wood Cold Wind
Janet Kuypers end
Gabriel Valdez Needles of the Heart
Maximilian Weihe Island of the Misfit Boys
Janet Kuypers labor
Emily Manno The Boiler Room
Janet Kuypers escape
Scott Mahoney Just Another Day At The Sandy Dunes Beach View Hotel
Janet Kuypers free
Jo Thomoson Casual Tuesday
Jaron Camp The Phone was Ringing
Nathan Driscoll When God Comes to Brannon, Ohio
Richard Schnap Artifacts
Lost Purse
Mid Life Crisis
Blake Corrao Angry Letter From A Dead Son To A Remarried Mother
Beach House
Kendra Burns Crash Landing
David Michael Jackson Country Club 3 art
Mario “Maxx” Hassell Relic
Rishi Ravichandran How I Lived To Tell the Tale
Janet Kuypers greatest
Moshe Prigan The Yell
Janet Kuypers found haiku
Denny E. Marshall haiku (kills)
haiku (blood)
haiku (dark)
Janet Kuypers elusive
Denny E. Marshall haiku (revenge)
haiku (steals)
haiku (expands)
Janet Kuypers Ever Expanding Spaces
Denny E. Marshall haiku (secret)
haiku (wait)
Victor Pearn In 1959
Strawberry Point
Liam C. Calhoun It’ll be crimson tonight
Ed Nichols The Picture
David Russell Diving Girl 0070 art
Bob Strother Community Service
Edward Michael O’Durr Supranowicz Another Underwater Adventure art
C. D. Wight A Place in Life
Brian Looney Triple Prong art
Mark Plummer Goulash
John Grey A Get-Together Ten Years Down the Road
Marlon Jackson Representing
Mark J. Mitchell a Gospel of San Francisco
Ken Allan Dronsfield Brambles and Wine
Kayla Cordone The Effort
Manuel Moya The Certificate
Fabrice Poussin The Smokies art
Tracy Blake Four Glances
Eleanor Leonne Bennett Image Edit 6 4274691868 art

part three:the Bridge
the Nv./Dec. 2016 issue of Down in the Dirt, v140

Scott Mahoney Selling the Art from the Boston Robbery
Joann Spencer Last Session
Blake Corrao The Hitman’s Shadow
John Grey Mexico, Two in the Morning
Stephen Toft Autumn Haiku
Allan Onik The Risen
Big Boy
Shadows and Dust
Richard Schnap Civilian
New Leaves for Old Trees
Lori Thomasson The Cadillac Clock
Janet Kuypers destroy
Brandy Combs My Face Is Not My Own
Priscilla Pilar Estrada Red Lips
Janet Kuypers opening
Adam Washington Feral
Kyle Hemmings Alley (art)
Liam Spencer Done
D. Avraham Could’ve, Would’ve, Should’ve
Melissa Baskerville Comforters
Edward Michael O’Durr Supranowicz On Top Of The Blues (art)
Erin Otten Hapless Hope
Kerem Granados Bubble Bath
Jean Ryan Kitchen Elegy
Fabrice Poussin The Crest (art)
Leia Johnson Trabajo de Amor
Brian & Lauren Hosey Teatro in Oaxaca (photography)
Micel DiPietro Proud White Tree
Janet Kuypers humans
Steven Abramson Mug Shot
Ken Allan Dronsfield Palette of my Soul
Aidan McNally Touch
Kyle Hemmings Abstract WP (art)
Tikira Booker Sex in the Driveway Kind of Love
Janet Kuypers pant
Norm Hudson Intention
Brian Looney Triumvirate (art)
Janet Kuypers of his thirst
Ben Macnair 3%
Did you see the moon tonight?
Eric Burbridge Difficulty on a dreary day
Rain “QuietStormPoet” Cooper Y
Anita G. Gorman The ABD Association
Mileva Anastasiadou The facts as seen from underseas
Gregg Dotoli Us
Joseph E. Fleckenstein So White plus Seven
Dick Yaeger Sacrifice
Kayla Katsuda The Four Seasons
Joshua Sinclair Family
Marlon Jackson Each Day is Like a Dream
Wesley Furukido Untouchable
Rebecca Lee The Bridge
Jeff Dosser Campfire Story
Daniel M. Shapiro In Nothing There’s Something I Feel
Your Sky All Hung with Jewels
Shelyn Wongso Trapped
Casey Powers The Strength of a Family History
Janet Kuypers QLG 647
Visions were Justified

part four: chapbooks

Cambodian poems by Chris Butler


short stories by Alain Marciano


Edible Red, Down in the Dirt July - December collection book - book front cover

Edible Red cover spread