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“On a Rainy Day” front cover

The collection book
On a Rainy Day”...

    Enjoy the 2017 poetry & prose (and select artwork) anthology from Scars Publications, titled “On a Rainy Day” of select poetry and prose in this one-of-a-kind 2017 annual anthology collection book, which contains select accepted writings chosen from 2017 issues of both cc&d magazine and Down in the Dirt magazine...

On a Rainy Day
the Scars Publications 2017 poetry
& longer prose collection anthology

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    To know exactly what is included in this collection book, view the listing below... If your writing or artwork appears in this collection book (or if you know someone with material in this book, or if you just want to pick up a great book to read), order a copy of “On a Rainy Day” today!


below is a listing of the accepted writers and titles
(of writing or artwork) in this collection.

all artwork printed inside the book is in grayscale.


(plus artwork)

Denny E. Marshall Haiku (hint)
Haiku (stir)
Amanda Pugh On A Rainy Day
Natalie Crick Midwinter
Ben Rasnic At Sixteen in Nineteen-Seventy
Linda M. Crate i will live
Drew Marshall Diet and Health
Patrick Fealey stuck
High  art
CEE Totally
David J. Thompson Kansas Truck  art
John Sweet towards the ever-fading future
Aaron Wilder Hate: An American Value  art
R. N. Taber Conscience, a Social History
Christopher Hivner This Time
Holly Day Falling, Flying
Bonnie Lambeth Starlight
I.B. Rad Road Kill
Simon Perchik untitled (tree)
Kyle Hemmings trees  photography
Drew Marshall Choke Mirror
Dr. Shmooz, a.k.a. Daniel S. Weinberg Doctors are Not Clowns  art
Michael Ceraolo Things Found in Books
Üzeyir Lokman Çayci ART-GAT-KUC  art
Brian Looney The Antagonizing Spirit
Richard White Run Boy Run
Rose E. Grier Same Feet  photography
Janet Kuypers newspaper ink’s the blood of a dying species
David J. Thompson 026  photography
Eric Obame Specter of Reality
Peter LaBerge Little Bit Longer  art
Michael Lee Johnson Lion in my Heart (V2)
Richard Schnap Open Mic
Carl “Papa” Palmer Family Love
Rose E. Grier A Thousand Words  photography
ayaz daryl nielsen haiku inspired by Buson (words)
haiku inspired by Buson (branch)
Xanadu Draperies’ Afterparty
Lu Biaobiao art
John Grey The War Next Door
Michael D. Jones Times
Richard King Perkins II Versions of the Truth
Marc Livanos Marc and Quentin
Stefan Benz all & nothing at all
Natasha Hooper On Small Talk
Marlo Swagemeier Dick fabric
Greg G. Zaino My Life With You
Oz Hardwick Bass
Eleanor Leonne Bennett 324169_353739184641583_100000165121149_
    1697567_71663315_o  art
Robert Ronnow Perfect Rest
Donal Mahoney 13 Ways of Looking at Some Polyps
John Lowther [Darling, I don’t do object permanence.]
Erica Ann Welch I am writing on this Empty Notepad
    to Quell the Paranoia
    that all will be Lost Tomorrow.
John (“Jake”) Cosmos Aller Charles Bukowski Road Not Chosen
John D Robinson Supervision
David Francis A Villainess
Gregg Dotoli Swift Summer Flight
Marlon Jackson Internal Beauty
Janet Kuypers Viewing the Woman in a 19th Century Photograph
the Battle At Hand
Smelling Sulphur on 9/11

(art and haiku interspersed)

Patricia Walkow The Lady on the Landing
Brian Looney How Is Yours?
Pat Tyrer Old Man Pete
Liam Spencer Have it, they shall
Edward Michael O’Durr Supranowicz Rebellion of the Waves  art
Bob Strother Reciprocity
Jim Santore A Rabbit’s Cry
Liz Posner A Grown Man
Kyle Hemmings Betty  art
Alisha Mughal The Cat
Steven Hicks Going Home
D. Harrington Miller Killing Papa
Michelle Stumph Other People’s Problems
LaRue Cook Any Port in a Storm
Mandie Hines Be Here with Me
J.G. Walker Placing Mr. T
Barry Zabell Solitaire
Jack Moody Success
Edward Michael O’Durr Supranowicz Shadow World  art
Heather Chandler On The Rocks
Janet Kuypers census (haiku)
Roger McKnight Down the River
Justin Hunter Shotgun Signs
Janet Kuypers gone (haiku)
Dennis Vannatta Up Against the Wall, Millennial Females:
    The Changing Fashion in TV Sex
Ruy Arango A Manageable Condition
Eleanor Leonne Bennett image edit_3_2305630568  art
E. A. Danner Progress Report
Benjamin Morrison Heist
Marc Carver Balm
Jeremy Cook Plus We Saved a Thousand Dollars
Janet Kuypers eventually (haiku)
Lisa Gray Rubbed Out
Janet Kuypers enemies (haiku)
Brandon Knight Fear Is a Man’s Best Friend
Aren Laure Lizardo Stardust
Fabrice Poussin Reflecting  art
Eugene Soukharnikov What Is Your Nationality?
Elizabeth Sachs The Candidate
Allan Onik Homeroom
The Window
James Wade Hunting Ghosts
Wes Heine FOT495D  art
DC Diamondopolous Taps
Janet Kuypers blood (haiku)
Matt Ferra Four-Wheel Death
Eleanor Leonne Bennett Metalmeal 146  art
Donal Mahoney Back Then and Write Now
Alan Swyer Old Times
Eleanor Leonne Bennett P1450167  art
Emma Hines Euthanize
Lee Conrad Strange Cargo
Kevin Sterne Carrots
Janet Kuypers enjoy (haiku)
Anita G. Gorman The Ministry of Games
Reggie Mills Parable
Denny E. Marshall Cracked Not Broken  art

On a Rainy Day
the 2017 poetry, prose & artwork anthology

as a 6" x 9" paperback ISBN# book

“On a Rainy Day” front cover