the Bastard Trio

the Bastard Trio before their Chicago show 01-30-07
Jeremy Evans: Guitar
Ryan Novak: Saxophone
Paul Baker: Drums

The Experimental / Jazz band the Bastard Trio is based in Madison, Wisconsin and has played a number of live shows in Chicago, Illinois. For more information on them, or for information on their upcoming shows, go to their myspace page

They released their first CD in 2006 called Survival of the Fist, and we have mp3 files you can listen to right here from their CD, Survival of the Fist.

from Survival of the Fist, listed in track order:

Survival of the First CD cover

The Burrowing Oak Demon mp3 file (4:41)

Jeremy Evan playing the guitar, live at  their Chicago show 01-29-07 at Myopic Books A Prairie Home Combustion mp3 file (5:16)

Goes Absolutely Jumping Up And Down mp3 file (3:40)

Smashed Asunder, My Romantic Gesture mp3 file (3:36)

Hula Salsa mp3 file (3:48)

Ryan Novak playing the saxophone, live at their Chicago show 01-29-07 at Myopic Books Bastard Seconds mp3 file (1:55)

My Goat is On Fire mp3 file (5:07)

Wolf in Sheep mp3 file (2:31)

Joy of Man’s Perspiring mp3 file (2:25)

Together We Will Try to Understand What Threatens Them mp3 file (3:00)

Paul Baker, on drums, live at their Chicago show 01-29-07 at Myopic Books There is Love an an Apple and This Apple is for You mp3 file (5:46)

I Love All My Beautiful Babies mp3 file (2:20)

Hardly it Ends mp3 file (14:02)

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