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July books of the Month:

Salvaging America

Salvaging America

July ‘17 cc&d issue v273 6" x 9" ISSN# and ISBN# perfect bound paperback book:
order ISBN# book

On the Rocks

On the Rocks

Down in the Dirt July ‘17 v147 6"x9" ISSN# & ISBN# paperback book:
order ISBN# book

the 2017 literary review date book

the 2017 literary date book review

Short 2016 mag poems & prose by assorted artists in a 6" x 9" ISBN# 2017 weekly date book planner
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Study in Black

Study in Black

the 2017 Jan.-April 6" x 9" Down in the Dirt issue anthology!
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Things Found in Books

Things Found in Books

the 2017 Jan.-April 6" x 9" cc&d ISBN# issue anthology!
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the Chamber, 2016 collection book

the Chamber,
the 2016 book anthology

Short poems, flash fiction & prose by assorted artists is in the 2016 6" x 9" 420 page ISBN# collection book annual anthology
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Abandoned, a Carl Scharwath book


Get the Carl Scharwath poetry ISBN# paperback book!
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It’s Like Losing, a David J. Thompson book
It’s Like Losing

Order this 8½" x 8½" David J. Thompson poetry & photography book with greyscale interior pages order ISBN# book or with full color interior pages order ISBN# book.

Ramblings and the Knee Poems, a Rochelle Lynn Holt book><BR>
<img src=
Ramblings and the Knee Poems

Get the Rochelle Lynn Holt 296 page poetry journal book!
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    NEW TO SCARS: BRAND NEW MAGAZINE ISSUES! Check out cc&d v273 July 2017 issue/book “Salvaging America”, and Down in the Dirt v147 July 2017 issue/book “On the Rocks” are now available — so check out these brand new magazine issues online AND as perfect-bound paperback books!

    the 2017 January-April MAGAZINE ISSUE ANTHOLOGY BOOKS are now available! Pick up a copy of “Study in Black” from
Down in the Dirt, or “Things Found in Books” from cc&d — because books like these are a great way to get a number of magazine issues all together in a great volume set! Pick up a copy today!

    Enjoy the Scars Publications 2016 collection book anthology “the Chamber”! This 420 page collection book contains poetry, flash fiction and short stories from accepted material in 2016 issues of
cc&d magazine and Down in the Dirt is a one of a kind collection book — and it is perfect to order for yourself or a gift!

    DO NOT FORGET the annual mini poetry book as a WEEKLY DATE BOOK! Pick up a copy of “the 2017 literary date book review” of short poems & prose by assorted writers & artists in 2016 issues of
cc&d and Down in the Dirt in a 6"x9" ISBN# 2017 weekly date book — pick up a copy today, and enjoy writing all year ‘round while you plan your entire calendar year!

    Check out the BRAND NEW books released recently, like “Ramblings and the Knee Poems” — a 296 page book by Rochelle Lynn Holt, “Abandoned” by Carl Scharwath, “It’s Like Losing” of poetry and photography by David J. Thompson, “New Creations Out In Public” by Brian Looney, “Crafting Wings” by Joseph Murphy, “the Eight Wheeled Doorway of Serpent’s Head” by Mark Fleury, “Scream” by Kyle Hemmings, “Naming a storm: Haiku and tanka” by Stephen Toft, “Bowetry” by Cara Losier Chanoine, “Epiphany” by Alain Marciano, “SHORT TAKES II” - Reviews and Opinions by Fred Russell, Neurotica” by Chris Butler, “The Trail of Quetzalcoatl poetry photo book by Westley O. Heine, or “Cowboy Hats and Railways” by John D Robinson — and remember that you can always check the books listing for a complete and up-to-date listing of books released (or check out the CD / Books sale page for a sorted listing of book too, with most recent books at the top)...

New Creations Out In Public, a Brian Looney book><BR>
<img src=
New Creations Out In Public

Get the Brian Looney ISBN# poetry + book!
order ISBN# book

Cowboy Hats and Railways, a Joseph Murchy book Cowboy Hats and Railways
Get the John D Robinson 6"x9" poetry ISBN book:
order ISBN# book

Naming a storm: Haiku and tanka, a Stephen Toft book
Naming a storm: Haiku and tanka

Get the Stephen Toft 2016 ISBN# 5½" x 8½" haiku and tanka book!
order ISBN# book

Crafting Wings, a Joseph Murchy book Crafting Wings
Get the Joseph Murchy poetry 6" x 9" book:
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    And HEY, if you want to know about FREE PDF file chapbooks, enjoy 2017 chapbooks, like “Bastard Faith” of poetry by John Sweet, “Our Cultural Independence and Achieving Global Freedom” from a live show 7/1/17, “Sun and Rain” of haiku poetry by JoyAnne O’Donnell, “Cleveland Haiku” of haiku poetry by Michael Ceraolo, “Meant to do Big Things” from a live show 6/3/17, “Haiku on the Fly” as a BONUS chapbook from after a live show 5/6/17, “Time to Start the Show” from a live show 5/6/17, “Drop the Bomb”, a collection of potential poems for reading at Austin’ls Poetry Bomb 4/30/17, “Crazy”, a short story from a live show 4/23/17, “Erasure Poems” from a live show 4/1/17, “Short World Poems on World Poetry Day” from a live show for World Poetry Day 3/21/17, “Lengthy World Poems on World Poetry Day” from a live show for World Poetry Day 3/21/17, “2017 Austin Rhythm Fire” from a live show 3/20/17, “Exploring Spring” from a live show 3/4/17, “Book Release & Book Reading” from a live show 3/1/17, “Exalted Love” from a live show 2/4/17, “The Eating Game” by Christine Stoddard, “Beginning Anew” from a live show 1/7/17— and remember that you can always go to the Chapbooks main page to see chapbooks from all of this year and past years too!

    If you’re looking for your video fix, you can always check out the regularly updated Scars Video page at artvilla (highlighting videos of recent performances)! And don’t forget, you can also check out all past videos (through “scars girl” Janet Kuypers) at YouTube, Facebook or twitter any time!
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vegetarian All Scars magazine issues and books have an ISBN# barcode, and are available online throughout the United States, as well as the U.K. & continental Europe through our printers at amazon (this includes,,, and With contributors from around the world, Scars Publications books and magazine are now available around the world...)

Get the latest Janet Kuypers books!

Partial Nudity

Partial Nudity

the Janet Kuypers 286 page 2014 poetry collection, packed with many smaller poems
order ISBN# book



the Janet Kuypers 386 page 2014 poetry collection, packed with longer poems
order ISBN# book

the Periodic Table of Poetry

the Periodic Table of Poetry

Janet Kuypers’ book of poems for every element in the Periodic Table (plus bonus element and compound poems)
order ISBN# book

a Year Long Journey

a Year Long Journey

Janet Kuypers’ 130 page 2015 poetry book from her last year of Chicago shows
order ISBN# book

Bon Voyage!

Bon Voyage!

Kuypers’ journal/poetry photo book about India, in a 6"x9" ISBN# book
order ISBN# book

Scars Publications and Design is a springboard for people to get their writing in magazines, on the internet and in books - including possibly their own book! If you’ve got talent and want your voice to be heard, we can help make your dreams a reality. We offer music and sounds of writers reading (.aif, .au, .ra, .wav, mpg, .mp4, .mov and .mp3), bulletin boards for people to post their writing, art space for pieces to be displayed on line, magazines on line and in books you can get published in, and even a chance to publish your own book through us! Choose what you want to learn more about by selecting one of the options on the left. As for copyright stuff, insert usual copyright babble here, something about all rights being reserved by whoever created this junk, and stuff like that... yeah, all we ask is that you respect what was put together here, that’s all... Scars Publications & Design est. 1993, web site 1995 (previously at, and

    Scars Publications has received writings from the United States, Canada, Australia, Belgium, England, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Malta, Norway, Pakistan, Russia, South Africa and Turkey (as well as input from both Japan and Slovenia), and is always looking for new writings from around the world to contribute to their two literary magazines: “Children, Churches and Daddies” (founded 1993) and “Down in the Dirt” (founded 2000). Our news section highlights news from around the globe, and our philosophy section highlights classic writing as well as modern philosophy essays. Browse through our chapbooks and books, play games, or enjoy work in our audio/video section, or even at our PodCasts or our radio station.

    “I am happy to say that I think you are one of the leaders in the indie presses right now and congrats on your dark greatness.”

— Mike Brennan

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