Scars and Children Churches and Daddies Contests

All contest winners appear as a contest winner in our next collection book,
and winners get a free copy of the book!

there are multiple contest winners, so you can submit a few pieces and have a few contest winning entries!

In the past, Scars and CC&D have sponsored contests and calendar entries...

Sulphur and Sawdust Slate and Marrow Bluster and Burn Rinse and Repeat Survive and Thrive Side A/Side B Balance Chaos Theory front cover Writings to Honour & Cherish we the Poets, the 2007 poetry collection book the Book of Scars, the 2007 prose collection book Dark Matter 100 Words (2011 poetry collection book) Poet as Sociopath (2013 poetry collection book) Need to Know Basis (redacted edition) - the 2014 poetry and short prose collection book Sunlight in the Sanctuary, 2015 anthology the Chamber, 2016 collection book

in books, including:
Sulphur and Sawdust”, in 1995
Slate and Marrow”, in 1996
Blister and Burn”, in 1997
Rinse and Repeat”, in 1999
Survive and Thrive”, in 2001
Side A/Side B”, in 2003
Balance”, in 2004
Chaos Theory”, in 2005
Writings to Honour & Cherish”, in 2006
We The Poets”, in 2007
The Book of Scars”, in 2007
Dark Matter, in 2008
Ink in my Blood, in 2009
100 Words, in 2011
Poet as Sociopath, in 2013
Need to Know Basis (redacted edition), in 2014
Sunlight in the Sanctuary”, in 2015
the Chamber”, in 2016

we are looking for entries and we want to make people winners...

Editors Choice Award Winner     You can became a Scars Publications Editor’s Choice Award Winner, by submitting writing to be considered for our next collection book contest.
    Submissions to enter the contest are only $15.00 American per poem, and $19.00 American per short story. All winners are printed in our next book, and get a free copy of the book mailed to them when the book is printed. There is a good chance your writing can win and get into this book, so for more information on how to send submissions (getting an address for mailing an entry check and how to submit your writing), please e-mail us and we can tell you everything you need to know!!!

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Just include the other email address in the body of a letter to us...

For submitting writing for the Editor’s Choice Writing Contest: we perfer all submissions to be emailed to us. If any of your submission has bolds or italics, or has any special characters (like “smart quotes” or “curly quotes” - which applies to both double-quotes and apostrophes, any long dashes, ellipses, anything that does not appear plainly on a keyboard), then the best way to email submissions for the Editor’s Choice Writing Contest from Scars Publications would be to email attachments of either Microsoft Word “.doc” or “.docx” files or as “.rtf” files. If there are no special characters (or bolds or italics or indentations) they could even be emailed in the body of an email letter to us.

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